• Facepunch Banned hacks, and hacks come back CANADA1
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This is GGSIMIDA Hacker on CANADA1: Please facepunch, help us....
It is impossible to play Rust with this amount of Hackers in Canada 1. Again the hacker who was banned two days ago came back and speaks freely in the chat, as if nothing would happen to him. Follow ID 66875052.
It is impossible to play in Canada 1 many cheaters / Steam Community Steam Community Steam Community Steam Community http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198379699842/ Steam Community and others
You guys claim it is impossible to play on Official, then make it stick already. Why you guys are playing on servers that have known reputations as being hackerland, unmoderated and down times rivaling At&T is beyond me. This is your warning, play those servers and then come here (posting out of forum) and complain? Your gonna get shredded. Pro Tip : (regardless to what you say) Play Community
Steam Community Steam Community
Rush is right. Don't play on officials if you know that they are full of hackers. There is a lot of great community vanilla servers that doesn't has any hackers (or admins bans them quickly) and players are not so aggressive. Officials must have more admins to ban cheaters and toxic players quickly, but until this moment go to community servers, i'm serious.
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