• Vote: Should official servers wipe bps on the forced wipe
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Say Aye in chat if you think official servers should wipe bps on a monthly basis or nay if you disagree
Aye for now till they get everything sorted out.
What would be the point in playing then? No progression and you lose EVERYTHING every month. I hardly played at all during the component system because of this. We need a real form of progression that carries on wipe to wipe. As their roadmap clearly states they intend to do.
Thats exactly it! One month should be enough time to get everything you need. But after that month the game is basicly the "only component system" again. New players cant start out because they play Crossys against AK´s and Bolt´s and older Playerst have nothing to Progress (Besides getting every BP even if not needed) With no BP wipes the current system becomes useless and extremly frustating for new players after a few weeks. BUt this will be fixed in the future. The DEV´s said that the goal is that there wont be wipes. There will be as system that allows players to reset their progress for a permament reward. But until that is in the game (that will propably take a long time) BP´s should wipe each month.
No. You start a server late and you are at the bottom of the pile. Lowest of the low. Holding nothing but your cock and a rock. Then you progress up the food chain learning as you go. On vanilla not everybody has eight hours a day to spare grinding for blueprints. The fact you keep your hard earned bps is reward for actually staying on a server. As it is, this game is difficult enough for a solo or small group with the insane requirement of scrap to make progress. Adding a forced bp wipe would kill the game. I play on a modded server with everything vanilla apart from bp removed. The way it used to be. It is a much more enjoyable less grindy experience than the current mess. Give it a try.
I don't think they should wipe every wipe but I do think they should wipe, maybe every 3months. I love the new system but like previously stated after that first month you pretty much have app the bps you need and anyone starting on the server doesn't stand a chance. It's almost worst than components because now starting fresh everything is locked behind bps. This results in a massive grind to even get to a point where you can defend you.
I think that's what facepunch now want for the game. A massive timesink of a grindfest in the hope it will add some sense of achievement.... It doesn't . Our sense of achievement previously was managing to build a decent base and survive, also the little guy had a fair chance of taking on larger groups with basic gear like the SAR by utilising guerilla tactics and picking opportunities to strike. That's where a good player could shine. Now however, all that time spent previously on the 'fun' stuff is dedicated to the mind numbing task of bashing barrel after barrel after barrel and crate humping in the vain hope of t he RNG God's taking favour on you and dropping a weapon for you to research. It almost feels like a free to play pay to win game with the amount of time you need to spend to get to the good stuff. Throw in a box wipe each month and it takes away any reason to play official.
Aye Having the bps not wipe each month negates the progression system which is working well at the moment.
Sacrificing random BPs for a skin?
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