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Speed hackers are all over the place, roaming with my team, a random speed hacker with a double barrel pop up and suddenly almost teleports to each one of us, finishing us with shots to the head. We didn't give much fuck, as we only had shitty gear. Later the same day, heading to a raid, random speed hackers appear with full gear and AKs
Nice, but what are we supposed to do with this information? :/ No links, no proofs, no server name... Yes, EAC needs to be improved, but before this moment try to contact with admins if this is not an official server.
It's happening everywhere, I only play official servers, seen more hackers in the last week or so, than I have in the last 2 years of playing Rust.
Well, as i said in different thread, cheaters on officials are the big problem. These servers needs more admins. I can only recommend you try to play any community vanilla servers. Same population, but more active admins and less cheaters. *shrug*
Here's a profile of a guy that has been now speed hacking for 2 days on one server, nice EAC Steam Community
The specified profile could not be found. Huh?
People get banned constantly , check the Rust hack report here: Rust Hack Report (@rusthackreport) | Twitter
The same player is still ruining the game on the UK Barren server, constantly changing his username and steamid to make it difficult to keep track This player has been on the server for 2 days. He takes the heli down in the middle of the field by just running around. Goes and counters any raid on the map. I personally got killed a few times roaming by just a shotgun shot to the head, out of nowhere. > Just died to the same player while coming back with 8k Sulfur, 4 full gears and 4 AKs. Great content
Are you guys reporting this through proper channels? This is a general forum and nothing can be done for you here. I also see the proper link has been provided. Please stop spamming this in general
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