• Tree minigame
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I'm not really sure that you can chop down the tree just by cutting it by a circle. What if the minigame will make us to cut two wedges instead? The small one and the big one just a bit higher. Just like on this The Best Pic I could found. We're not a beavers don't you think? http://www.rprtrees.com/_/rsrc/1472876192514/services/tree-services/tree-cutting-diagram.png
Yes, i like that changes!
Ja das ist gut! I also think we should swing the axe sideways when cutting trees. It's not necessary but it's more realistic.
Cutting a wedge out a tree would seem more practical but then you'd have to stand still whilst cutting trees which is pretty much insta-death on high pop servers.
on pvp servers you can ignore minigame.
This post is concerned about making the game more realistic ignoring that it should be fun?
But rust, for the most part, is a pvp game.
It can be hard to make in rust. You must hit the tree at a certain angle, cut off a part of a tree, and some other tricks..
It will be better if the red ometkins on the tree will appear mainly from the side where the player began to cut the tree.
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