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Would be nice if we can get the 1st person in demos and of course to be allowed using reshade.
I've been asking to get an answer to this for weeks now. Keep bumping this thread and maybe a dev will show up and give us some info
I like the cinematic camera stuff, but imo the color-corrections you use don't suit well, the colors and the bloom makes me feel like you are in some arctic hellhole, but the actual environment doesn't seem to fit in it (green grass and trees, lit fires...). The transactions are really smooth and goodlooking (0:24 for example looks really good <3). Also please just keep your logo as black in the intro. Whatever blending mode you are using at 0:04, it doesn't look good, atleast for me. Also how all the bloom/whatever fades away when the intro fades, it also looks pretty weird. Also it looks a bit too compressed to me when pausing the video, but it could be just youtube trying to compress it a bit too much and nothing you can really affect :/ Also as far as I know, if you start the game without EAC, you should be able to plug whatever you need into the game, as long as the thing you are plugging into rust supports the technologies rust uses (directx11 and unity mostly). However keep in mind that you wont be able to connect to any secure servers then, but demo playback should likely still work without issues. Also when you start using EAC again, don't forget to disable/remove whatever you are using, wouldn't want to risk a gameban because of that.
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