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Just a thought but what if satchel charges were nerfed to do half the damage (requiring 8 for sheet metal door) and a new form of explosive was added that utilized the f1 grenade(which as it stands is pretty useless) and did the current satchel charge damage. It'd also be a more logical progression to c4. Like satchels=t1, new boom boom=t2 c4=t3.
No, people will be able to raid on day one. this will be bad...
You can raid on day one with satchels....what are you even talking about.... if anything it'd make it harder to raid since satchels drop waay more frequently than f1 grenades. Plus this would nerd the current satchel and require a higher their work bench to achieve the same damage that satchels already do except you make satchels on a their 1 bench......
The idea behind nerfing grenades was to make them anti-personnel, making them used for raiding would negate the changed Helk made.
Oh i never knew they were needed in the past. I was thinking the nades could be used as a component like brand and. They would still be used as antipersonnel by themselves.
i think that metal sheet door had 250 hp, armored have 800 hp, and where is doors that have 400-500 hp? I think that need to increase hp to the metal sheet doors to 400-500 hp. Because when you raid base with stone walls and sheet metal doors, what way you go? right - doors) 4 satchel charges for door or 10 for stone wall ? ) and armored doors we cant find nowhere... think you understand me) sorry for bad english...
I totally agree with this too. The garage door kinda fills that gap but i totally get what you're saying and agree. I just saw the description for the grenade and it says "reliable explosive" and thought it'd be cool to have a reliable alt to the satch but not like top tier like c4.
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