• Elevator Suggestion
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Hi, I noticed in the Roadmap that power is in the future...what do you think about adding elevators to Rust? Also addition roof types would be awesome too. But an elevator would be the bomb. It really doesn't have to be electrically powered, there can be a more primitive type with a rope pulley and crank. Anyways keep up the good work the game gets better month after month!
Great idea! It already exists in the caves and they were planning on one at the launch site, so shouldn't be too hard to implement.
Yeah, I forgot about the one in the caves
The idea is interesting but so far the developers of the game are not up to it. Now, if they corrected two elevators at the cosmodrome (where the rocket is on the street and not in a huge house) - when you climb to the top you can not get an elevator from there and you have to somehow descend down the risk of crashing to death. It is necessary that the elevator call button is on each floor.
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