• Let's share our favorite Rust YouTubers.
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Let's showcase Great Rust Streamers and YouTubers so that others can enjoy some nice new content. Please only post one and need to give a reason why you like watching their videos. Please don't try push your own channels here and self promote. I will start... YouTuber Name: Kira Reason: He is a God with the crossbow, shows people that skill is more important than gear. Video: Now please show me more examples, try to keep the layout nice and concise.
I don't watch RUST youtubers anymore because there is so much shit out there, this will be a cool thread. My favorite youtuber was LOLOUTwtf, where he trolled people and his rust mini series was awesome, he doesn't make so many videos anymore though but it's still funny af!
bchillz hes the best at the game no joke found a good montage that shows his best plays some are old tho
Please don't forget to add a reason for why you like them. That is a sweet montage!
i like him because hes a god lol
I meant when didn't mention anything
KCMO and Sniping Soup.
Flash. He is a good man xD
& You guys should add a video to your comments which highlights your points and for easy watching!
KCMO: Sniping Soup:
Self bump.
please give a reason to why you like his videos.
because they are entertaining.
I can only imagine some of the stuff he is saying as my Spanish is not that great but it looks like he has some skills.
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