• Nerf zergs
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You need to think how to fix the zergs, they sre actually unfair and making official servers less fun, theres a lot of things to do, like Limit people per base Make heli stronger when attacking zergs Etc
Being in a large group of "zerg" is probably going to be superior than being in a small group in most ways, but large groups are often comprised of relaxed players because there is no fear of losing loot (theres plenty of kits to go around) making them easy targets for skilled player. Small groups are also easier to organize and communicate with. Overall there are advantages to being in both types of groups but it doesnt make sense that a group of twenty people would lose to a group of five
You can't go nerfing people just because they have friends, zergs are the easy to combat anyway, they are easy to spot, make a lot of noise, and it is easy to single out a straggler and jump him. You need to learn how to play, or maybe make some friends.
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