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Too much tryhard people that plays only on pure advantage pvp use resolution so low like 1280 x 1024 or little high or lower so they can easy do the headshots and config in nividia so they got fullscreen with it maybe a fix for that so everyone can play on the same screen resolution so no one got advantage ?
Again, another "cheat advantage" from Nvidia users..
Lol you can't hate on nVidia users for having superior GPU software. You can hate on them for using it to get a gaming advantage though.
How does setting a low crappy resolution help you gain an advantage??? Also people are allowed to change resolution to better fit their system specs. Forcing a resolution would make game unplayable to a bunch of people.
so i'm gonna buy nVidia's gpu xD
Don't think it is the best solution for the game... But maybe for you...
coin for all my cards
I'm playing with 1024x768 on 1366x768 Monitor due to GTX 650. Or should I to play on full rez to reduce my FPS just to not get an advantage? Am I cheating?
Locking screen resolution just because of some unfair players is a dumb idea. It'll ruin a game for players who has low FPS.
i think he refereal a custom resolution no a lower resolution to the lower pcs
low resolution make the head bigger and then its ez fdouble headshot
This thread breaks my brain.
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