• Character Customization
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I really want to be able to change my playermodel. Not because i'm a woman, but because i like the way the male model looks better. It's such a little thing but for some reason it keeps holding me back from playing the game more often. I've heard what the developers had to say about this, and have no real intentions on adding gender choice as a viable option. What do you guys think? Would you mind if they added an element of character customization, or would you rather it all be completely randomized.
It really doesn't matter what we think. The debate ended years ago. Garry will only give what is being given now With that said, no...personally it has never mattered to me. But, I have to ask you how in the world the lack of customization holds you back from playing. I mean, 99.9% of the time you aren't even looking at yourself, so explain to me how?
Doesn't matter to me. I just enjoy playing the game.
If we're given character customisation then there will be misshaped characters all over the place like ARK and I think rust could do without that.
Maybe server-preferred option?
Stop crying man.. i'm a Korean woman in game and really it doesn't matter at ALL! I was once a man before gender changes and....? Nothing changed for me! Play the game !
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