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So i tried rust for the first time they other day, and while it was frustrating and aggravating. There was one item in the game with serious potential: The guitar! Now i'm not much of a PvPer, but being the gang bard would definitely suit me. However the guitar is extremely difficult to master. I realize this probably won't be top priority, but if devs could make some adjustments to the guitar it would be awesome: Add ui to show which note you're at (a vertical strip of bands that scroll as you look up / down) Show notes along with the bands Changes the notes to these easy-to-play-with chords: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, B, C-2, Dm-2 etc Make the left and right buttons trigger matching chord / single notes Expand the area of the band where you hit the right note so every note doesn't sound off (say 50% of the area plays a pure note, and the rest sweep towards next note) Lastly, sorry for wasting your time ;) Mike
LOL! Gang Bard!!
Yeah, it would be cool if instead of a gradual frequency shift, the guitar shifted pitch with look Y in strongly delineated steps, matching either the 12 half-steps of an octave, or the 8 steps of a key. The latter would require either a designer-set key for guitars to be in, or for them to be randomly assigned a Key on object creation. Random Keys could be cool; it would require and encourage guitar trading if people want to play together (but would also allow bands to sound somewhat consistent, and possibly actually musical.) The former would require actual skill at matching look angle to avoid accidentals, but it would avoid the very non-instrumental eternal pitch bend we have now. I'll admit to having spent far too much time trying to get the guitar to sound good, going as far as using a real world piano to match the notes and painting a sign in my base to show me how high to aim. I ended up giving up, just carrying the guitar on my character, opening mic, and playing an real-world acoustic. I'm a big believer in not just the viscous ruthlessness that Rust's gameplay engenders, but also the beautiful, spontaneous positive social interaction I feel this game is capable of. Instruments like the guitar seem like a (albeit crude, for now) path in that direction.
Oh my god that would be just brilliant.
I've always seen the way its implemented a deliberate move to make it a troll item. The concept of an ingame flute has been mentioned in the past as well. If they wanted to make them proper instruments it'd be a really cool game element.
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