• What is happening to quarries??
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Looking at all the recent commits it appears that very soon Quarries will not be able to be crafted, and they are being removed from warehouses, and a new tier 2 quarry monument is being created. Now I know there has been all sorts of issues with quarries, and how best to implement them, but I really cant see this step being the way forward, it is hard enough for solo players to access monuments with huge clans etc claiming them for their own, so how on earth is a solo player meant to use a monument quarry? even If they can get past the clans and zergs, how are they going to hold it long enough to get any resources from it! To me a simple fix for quarries and to make them more viable and usable would be to make them smaller, and make the quarry footprint smaller so you could build closer to them, this would allow quarry owners to protect them easier and use them in more varied positions, additionally allowing you to place shotgun turrets/auto turrets on them would help players protect them without the need of huge external wall compounds.
dont take my word for it but I think <Quarry> is a hapis monument that already exists and that it will be getting tier two loot. Correct me if im wrong, I have never played hapis for an entire wipe.
These are the commits I'm referring to No mention of it being on Hapis or not: 17:05 Mining quarry is uncraftable and no longer drops as loot (static quarries only) /save154 16:46 Warehouse no longer has a quarry Added road piece to warehouse /save154 16:32 Mining quarry monument is tier 2 Added road connection node to mining quarry monument
Yeah I did, sorry for the bad info
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