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I'm somewhat sad about the outline of items. RUST has been a very hyper-realism game. Adding glowing effects to things sort of pivots away from that. Not the end of the world, but are there other changes like this that are in the forecast?
hyper realism? da fuk? Im just happy to know that the lr-300 the metal geared guy dropped wont be lost forever in the grass for a naked to pick up and kill me with it. I think the outline is wonderful
I want to have a function in settings for changing the player's face, hair and color of skill...
Hey, Thanks for mentioning about looking at the color blind option for the trees. I was affected as it was insanely hard to see.
Its optional you can turn it on or off in settings so down worry.
I think the outline is meh, but I guess if you dont add to many things like it, I'll be fine. BUTT, I do think that the outline should take the color of the ground it is on, (not the texture, just the color) that way if you're downed and not killed, and you friend scares off your agressor, it will be less likely he would have taken your gun. (still easier to find but not obvious)
hola una excelente actualización, sería la limpieza la próxima semana?
Enjoyed the update and the future of Rust in next forced wipe... great changes are coming! BUT... about the outline stuff... I really didn't like THAT much... it's easier but, IDK, it's RUST!!! But Helk, maybe you should add this only when aiming the object at least...
I don’t like that outlines are in the game now. This means that if you lost a messy fight there’s a 100% guarantee you will not retrieve any gear. It ruins those insane clutch situations that make the player feel badass
Great progress guys!
I didnt Like that the quarrys monuments would be just for stone.. it should be More valuable. Like it should give you all materials. I think it would be just another useless quarrys like the mining outpost. Not WORTH it. About the glowing stuff.. idk. Grass displacement should be Better and the model should be bigger and thats it. Glowing doesnt Fit. Are you going to make glowing markers for friends too? Also australia got another server AND latín América still with Zero. That su
We need negative effects to killing players. This is needed so that if a geared player sees another geared player, they will have to think about weither or not getting that players loot is worth the negative effects. Also so that killing fresh spawns will only have negative effects for the killer. Point is, if you see someone, even if they have been farming a bit, maybe their resources arn't worth the effects it will have on you.  Effects could be somthing like a (SIMPLE) morality system. For example when you hold your gun, you will shake it uncontrollably for every person you kill. Kill one player, your gun has a bit extra sway, kill two, you ocationally twitch and your aim is thrown off, kill 3 and you have a consistant (light) shake, kill 10 and you shake bad and twitch quite often. Your max heath can be a bit lower or you get hungry and thirsty faster. Sometimes your character makes loud noises that can alert others. doing things like reviving players that you didn't knock out, giving players items and farming (as in planting plants and harvesting them) reduce your negative effects.  (you will also lose the effects over time) obviously you would need to scale the effects to fit the game. Killing two players and having your aim fucked up at random is a bit extreme but no matter what, killing players should have some kind of negative effect to balance out the loot gain. As its stands, there is little to nothing to be gained from helping players and everything to gained from killing them. Frankly it makes the game significanlty more repetitive, leading to earlier server death. You do want wipless rust no? Im not saying that pvp in rust needs to be gotten rid of. I would quit rust if there was no pvp. All I'm saying is that we need a blance of social interaction AND pvp. the easiest way to get that is by giving negative effects to killing players that will balance out the loot gain. also, I like the Ice lakes in the artic biome. make more things like it for all biomes, like deep canyons or waterfalls. 
Nice update guys.... (Sarcasm) after playing on a rust server for about an hour i start being disconnected every time i touch/see an entity (entity being e.g Spear, Nails, Rock, so forth) I am playing on a mac and my thoughts are that the new item glow is not supported for mac users. I'm mostly thinking it might be a setting thing that i may have to change but i am unsure on what one it would be and trying every setting now though. Thanks hopefully you can find a fix <3
"Si ! Whale fly" (SouthPark)
Get rid of the object outline, its shit, straight out and blunt get rid of it. Furnaces are cool and new boxes. Make it so we can change hair and bear colours etc, using animal fat an oil around a workbench when you highlight the head. Hand held flash lights are what you need make them more expensive then weapon flashlights. You should add a twnt in the game that is a easy moving sleeping bag that has more durability and can store materials, it might be a good idea but it could easily be a larger storage which isnt good and having like a turrent on the roof would be cool just an upgrade or something some what like the pushable cart idea. But serioulsy object outlines?!!!?!!!
Same issue
If you don't like what they add, or left away, why are you still complaining? Just turn off the outlines in console, or play another game. That your oppinion is that they need to change 10000 things to make the game better won't say this is true. I bet most guys playing rust like it how it is/was and you're just the minor part.
IMO, Rust is a pvp based game. The moral system you talked about is very useful in cases of people with guns killing noobs with arrows, and nothing much else useful to them. People then could easily hide loads of loot and go around naked in order to stop people from killing them, so that should also be taken into consideration. A person with AK-47s should not be able to shoot a naked and kill them with out consequences, unless that naked has a considerable amount of loot and items on him. Other than that, rust should stay pvp. thats the fun of the game. and if you're not a fan of the pvp, pve is also really fun.
Rust already has a system that's more authentic with less hassle than what you are suggesting. try banding together with other humans who you can agree with so that your chances of success increase. Like in real life...
Yeah yet another update that screw macusers over. 5th in a row... Steam-forum-discussion. Are you guys even testing the updates on mac before rolling em out nowadays? *yawn*
Please update Hapis at some time
Mac is not designed for gaming, stop complaining!
Yes but it says "Rust is compatible with mac" Therefore you'd think that your money would be worth it
Wiki is said that Rust is working on Mac. Even Linux...
Apple itself says mac was never designed for gaming. This, and the thing you said, means they are making it compatible, but the biggest part using a decent pc instead of mac, so that go's first. Just have some patience, and maybe you should learn to use twitter, check it, and have some patience ;) Twitter: Helk‏  @Helkus  1h 1 hour ago osx client NRE fix coming
What have you done to the small furnace? It looks uglier than before. It seems like you took a simple texture, and put it onto the furnace model. Why changing it at all? The old texture was nice. This is...somehow good.
I used to like the small furnace model and texture, the new one is ugly. I agree that the outline system is good for loots dropped from barrels, but not from players.
i need to change my character right now
I don't agree with the item outlines because it takes away a lot of the natural elements of poorer folks with a keen eye stripping the battlefield of missed loot. It creates another income inequality situation where the winner has an even easier time taking it all. It also strips the random happenstance of combat situations where you're looking around on the ground for the dropped gun, allowing poorer newmans with bows to take their chances with a sneak attack. good for L4D, not for Rust
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