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I just noticed an update, osx users still having trouble? Otherwise, you should be glad I've searched something for you. Try this in your F1 console: effects.showoutlines 0 You're welcome!
Love the work you guys are doing but please do something about the female hairstyles...maybe some ponytails. The short one is Horrendous. Thanks FYI I was Happy with my bun but then you changed it
Helk, we all want more temperate biome please. 50/25/25 or something in that area would be perfect.
not a fan of the outline. I Think it would be good for when Radtowns have items sitting on the shelves instead of boxes, but I think dropped items shouldn't be outlined.
You know it is optional right? Read my comment above to turn it off
Yes, i dislike outlines too. Lost weapon, items, or more - lot of funny and burning ass situations xD
I really hope the glowing item thing is limited to short range (3ft or so) more than that then we're gunna be spotting all kinds of trash people drop from unrealistic distances.
Hapis will be updated in next weeks patch.
Like I said, I would quit rust were there no pvp. All Im saying is that if you want to play for the pvp like you just go around shooting up everything you see and raiding everything you see, go and play arma or halo or COD, or battle feild, or battle front... well maybe not battle front, but you get my point. If you want to play rust, a sandbox, open world, dynamic environment game, you should be prepared to use more of your brain in social interaction than just screaming through your mic when you kill someone.
thnx for taking over, now I can go to bed after 4 hours of helping mac users xD
awesome can't wait for Decembers forced wipe
Now when you say you've separated the player tiers, I can't help but to disagree. I will say that I have been around more players of my tier, but I have seen no reduction of players above or below my tier. My idea I think is good but would require a good amount of work. What I am thinking is that; A. The three tier zones the map is divided into need to be better defined. Make a clear difference in what monuments are found where, make each biome mostly exclusive to each tier (dessert only in tier 1, temperate forests only in tier 2 and artic only in tier 3.(With small exceptions) ) B. The average map needs to be large enough to take about 35-50 minutes to go from one corner to the other, Point being; C. I think that having a large distance between tier zones would force players to build their first base in tier 1 zone so that they are close to the loot they can use. Once they have gotten enough resources and a WB L2, they build a second base in the tier 2 zone so that they are close to the tier 2 loot Once again, when they have the resources and WB L3, they build their third and final biggest base in the tier 3 zone so that they are close to the tier 3 loot. D. No matter what zone you're in, roads, gas stations and sperm kets all provide tier 1 loot.tier 2 loot can also be found in the tier 3 monuments. E. In the tier 1 zone, minor radiation is present in only the monuments and is weak enough to be protected from w/ simple clothes. In the tier 2 zone, radiation is present in all monuments and requires a hand made hazmat to be protected from. Radiation pockets are also scattered around the zone in non monument areas that are weak enough to be protected from w/ tier 2 clothes. In the tier 3 zone, radiation is present in all monuments and requires lootable only hazmat suit to be protected from. Radiation is omnipresent outside of monuments as well but needs only tier 2 clothes to be protected from. High radiation POCKETS are also in the tier 3 zone and need tier 3 clothes to be protected from. The reason for the extra radiation around the tier 2 and 3 zones is to prevent players from building their first base in these zones and so that tier 2 and 3 players cannot hide their loot on a naked player w/out be irradiated F. keep in mind, when vehicles and wipe-less rust come along, we're going to need bigger maps anyways. G. If you're going to complain about needing to build 3 bases, first the first 2 don’t need to be super big or complex, second, it give a clear defined goal to work towards. If a person has a goal they will stick around a lot longer than if they don’t have a goal. If people stick around longer, the server stays alive longer. There are more benefits but I need to write a paper for college.
Thank you for the all devblog, i like read the news in Rust ! I'm gone for the big biome temperate, lot of people like tempeate biome. I think it's more simple for the new player. And hmm yeah me too just like a old small furnace
%100 Agree with everything you just said. I love the current furnace model but hate the newer one.
Another vote to keep the current small furnaces. I like them as they are and don't understand the need for the new ones which I don't like either.
What happend to bringing the updates out every two weeks.   Seems to me one week isn't enough time to get some of the bigger suggestions from the community into the game. I'm also not a fan of those outlines on objects an im not to sure about that texture on the furnace either.   I think you are rushing these updates out just to please kids that have no patience an want everything done as quick as possible, even if it is no were near as good as the content can be.   I would rather see a big update once a month tbh with feedback from us every week on what you are working on.
What you fail to understand is that the weekly dev blogs are made to give insight into the development to get early feedback. Plus, they do the big updates ONLY on the force wipe day. All the weekly updates are just small bug fixes, value and aethetic changes.
NO, RUST GODS, PLEASE NO OUTLINES!!! What I hate the most is that everything has to be highlighted to help the player. Rust is really subtle, and should stay so. I mean, this is already an unforgiving game, then why kill it with ugly helpful tooltips and more annoying text and borders to help a player finding items on the ground. Spend your time on something else, please.
Thanks for the update, can't wait for the wipe! My opinion on the outlines is that I think it's only acceptable if you directly look at the item. Otherwise it breaks the immersion, and most importantly it makes savage Rust a bit too helpful, and joyful. We don't want that. We smash each other's brain out with rocks. We can handle ourselves. But as I said it's useful when you directly look at items, because when I was a noob I could hardly separate usable items, from non-usable item from a short distance. Also I am really thankful for the animal attack fix. Never felt safe in my base ground floor, and it was kinda frustrating. Alsoalso kudos for the sound fixes, I really enjoy a game with nice sounding. Alsoalsoalso I like the new small furnace, but I think it needs more color on the top half, so it resembles the old furnace a bit more.
It would be nice to have an Achievement system in place for just about everything: i know everything is a big word, but yeah: collecting wood, stone, ores; killing players, animals; killing the chopper, etc. Another great idea is having different types of helicopters come out as NPCs. Also, bring different animals to the set such as aligators, leopard, tiger, lions, cattle, etc. And introduce different biomes: Jungle, marsh, etc Great work Facepunch. You guys rock!
Can't say I am a fan of the tree minigame. For nodes it is a great idea and it works perfectly. For trees, not so much. It gets boring very fast and farming wood is now something noone (that I know of) really want to be bothered with. Please, either remove it or make it so that you can deactivate it on your own server at least (without mods). I miss the days when you got 50 wood per hit with the proper tool. "server.treemini true/false"
There are already enough futuristic games, rust don't need this.
Quick question for anyone who has played since update. So, semi auto weapons are more accurate and have less recoil unless you trigger finger the shit out of it right?
These item outlines is going to make looting at night too easy. What about making outlines invisible at night, huh?
I agree it's just not necessary, using the technique where you drop items to find others and grass displacement is enough, the new borders ruin emersion and requires no experience to use
+1 for F*CKING outlines. If there is some I hate with vengeance it's immersion breaking outlines! Throw that crap away. If something gets lost in grass.......... look for it....... with the risk of getting shot. Or leave it and live another day. Outlines are for kids and retards and Destiny 2 players. Hate that crap.
As I said many times before: please give us emote-reactions after every single section of the dev blog. I woud love to show you after the "outlines" section that i don´t like them by one click and give a heart reaction to the "Advanced Lootbox" section. That way you won´t have repetitive comments and you can sum up the feelings of the community better. Thank you for your great work! <3
wonder if the furnaces will actually give off some heat since they are getting a little update that'd be awesome!
No change characters pls
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