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Nice uptade Facepunch, but it would be really good that you guys could fix fps on this game
Only little observation... I think Charitable Rust 2017 Hoodie should be at least "Tradable". What you think?
Plus, I find that I never use any of the newer building items because by the time ive found them, my base is built. Needing to build more bases would mitigate this issue because by the time you have built a tier 3 base you would have found a lot if not all of the building items
Finally object outlines, long overdue. I've spent countless amounts of hours in a dark room at night trying to find the pickaxe and the meat I dropped.
I agree
I swear every update they make they ask themselves "Hmm what advantage does a solo have and how can we take it away?" Someone at the meeting must have said well when a solo player gets killed by a group of people sometimes the solo player can go back and get his gun because the group can't find the gun. Then someone else said well we can outline all dropped items to make it easier for the groups to find them when they kill solo players. Then everyone pats themselves on the back for a job well done.
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