• Bug: NullReferenceException whenever I drop anything - repeatable every time
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Tried this on the 11/30/17 build a couple ways and it happens every time. Walk up to a quarry with stone in the basket. Grab one of the stone piles and drag it off the screen to drop it out of the quarry. Immeadiately disconnected with NullReferenceException. Once the stone despairs I can reconnect. Tried again, dragging the stone to my inventory, selecting it in my inventory, selecting drop - same result. Disconnected with NullReferenceException. This worked fine before the 11/30/17 update. Cant submit a bug report with F7 in game any longer so if someone can tell me how to do it in game, I'll be glad to.
dude, did you even searched for this problem? Many reports on this one. I already posted the temp fix on steam community and under the devblog forum! -> RTFC <-
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