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Hello I ask you to go to this server and put things in order, I'm sure for a short observation time, you will see a lot of violations of players, bugs cheat, players bypass anti-cheat lock and play calmly and F7 here is powerless, violators like they play and play, it lasts a lot of time and does not play perhaps When you go to find these players and see for yourself and make sure that they bypass the punishment and this needs to be taken into account, the cheat scares off the players playing our favorite game Violators: Король Севера Lock I wrote it down in 1 hour, I can still write down but do not feel sorry for losing things, GM respond connect
So, we should find these guys at Steam Community manually? This forum is not a good place to report cheaters, especially when you are do not giving any links.
I ask to understand completely with the server, on it more than 50% of players use the cheat, on half of players there are Chinese symbols - nicknames If this place is bad for communicating about cheaters, then where does it go if the game protection system does not help?
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