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I have an interesting or annoying idea. Change Rust with the sense of also being able to access servers that have a growing, infinite and random map, that is growing and is very large, that wipe every 1 year and the materials are very scarce x0.3. By saying that the maps are very different I am also giving the idea of ​​making it a giant sea and that you can navigate to find islands, sailing with ships made with construction in the style Lost in Pacific or Stranded Deep. The materials must be necessarily scarce to give the player a style of survival and extreme playability and know that things are worth a lot and you will keep them for 1 year. If all this seems a lot for the developers, what if users are charged for entering these new servers, since they would not belong to the Rust they have already acquired, I am talking about unlocking these servers with money. Of course, to be able to create ships with sails or with very expensive engine. Unlike normal boats, with the construction you can add rooms to save loot. Comment please, and with respect, these ideas create and model the game, do not come with stupid memes that are childish and annoying. Thanks.
No one computer in the world will handle this. That's actually a good idea, but there is some problems: All island around a spawn point will be occupied by huge clans or it will have no resources to gather. Servers like these will be unplayable for solo players/just a newcomers on a ~4th month of wipe or later. Endless maps must have MORE resources, but not x0.3. Otherwise farming will be even more boring than now. Boooring. Or distances between each island must be not so big, but then it can cause some performance issues. You know, nobody can keep any resources for one year since you can be always raided by a huge clans. That's the main problem of maps like these - even scarce resources won't stop zergs from fast farming. Please, no. And i'm not sure that someone is really going to pay for a servers like these. That's a really good idea! It'll be really helpful if you need to left this game while you are in the middle of sea. To be honest, that's a weird and good idea at once. I would like to check out servers like these, but when you know that some clans can be aggressive and destroy every building on this server, and for making a good base you must gather A LOT of resources i'm instantly thinking that it sucks. And yeah, paid servers... meh. Sorry for bad English, by the way.
WheatleyMF  Thanks, I do not speak English, either, but I use the word google. What to do paid servers, is because it is a project that does not depart from the construction and gameplay of Rust but starts a high and complicated project, which could not support without support from users who support unlocking this new feature plus. Making the resources x0.3 is a necessary idea, because the players are not using the poverty role, that is, the houses made of pure wood. It was the same when they made the most expensive weapons to manufacture so that all have value and can use from the smallest weapon. Using this poverty mode, it would make the players play to get a house and make it difficult, and that the map is not completely built or full of garbage. In this way, someone would get very emotional when they get their initial protected home. You could fix the performance of visualizing new islands and abandon others, for example draw a figure on the horizon while you get closer loading the island and its objects, it does not have to be an island too giant because if you notice the performance when loading it , rather, that it be like x2 of a big rad. When you get closer, the figure of the island is taking the original form in the process of loading objects. In what you say as to whether the clans monopolize the islands, the respawn of the initiates could be arranged to appear in a new zone not yet inhabited. It is obvious that you can raidearte your house, for example a wooden house that cost you much to close it in a server of x0.3, but the materials for raid would cost a lot too. And even if they manage to steal your house, you have a 1-year server that you would not worry about starting over.
Performance? Launch 10k map size and play on it.
They want to remove the idea of a growing map, because they are afraid of not being able to achieve it? All this has a solution. It would be good to keep the idea of islands and growing map so that the game is also above all to explore and if it is necessary to conquer if possible. Play as a pirate explorer, destroying ships with expensive guns almost impossible to get and load.
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