• I hate the BP system!
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We all know that the component system was a huge problem because of how fast people got to end game, but with the BP system i feel like many players such as solo's or small groups are stuck at mid game for a whole wipe and almost everything is based on luck at this point. There is also the fact that large groups still get really far on wipe day just as they did with the component system but now its even harder for smaller groups to get to mid or end game. I feel like instead of BP or component systems the Devs should just bring back the XP system or something as balanced. Adding the XP system could also fix the loss in players after the wipe because it drives them to play the game and earn more items instead of either just being able to craft them off the bat or have to spend countless hours just to find one item and research it. That's just my opinion so don't kill me please, thanks! -Noid
The system is unbalanced as hell, but the concept is solid. The devs can tweek Scrap cost of items so that the grind isn't excessive. Air Drops need a buff, Loot needs to be spread out across the map, but there should be much higher concentrations near roads and monuments, with trash piles a lot more spread out elsewhere.
Hope to see changes in the next following updates.
I think the bp system is a joke since the officials never wipe bps. What's the point of having it then.
Blueprints will be wiped sometimes. That was made because one month isn't enough to research all stuff like rocket launcher, end tier weapons and etc, especially when you are playing solo or duo.
Yes it is, for Zergs... but i do agree that BPs should be wiped every 2-3 months at least... or we lose the point of BP...
They'd have to, I hope
The new system is dogshit. I've given up official and play on a non bp server now. You know, how it used to be before this clusterfk of an update ruined the game. The only ones who benefit from the new bp system are large groups. They like it because it makes them almost impossible to touch, other than to other larger groups that is. Before they had the inconvenience of people actually been able to fight back! Best to keep these plebs firmly underfoot and limited to xbows ay.
Yeah, this system isn't working very well for small groups, scrap here, scrap there, all you do now is farm scrap, you also need to be lucky enough to get the item you want. Maybe we could get BP's from boxes and barrels up to tier 2?
I do agree that the BP system is bad however there are many servers including mine that have this system disabled that you can join.
Maybe admins like yourself who run vanilla with no bp's could start a thread over in the server section listing all your servers? It would be a real handy list to have access to.
I guess I am in the minority because I like the new system. I hate to compare Rust, a video game, to real-life scenarios... but if you're part of a 5-person group trying to survive for real, your capabilities will far surpass that of a lone-wolf. Single players shouldn't be able to compete against a group, regardless of the situation. For the record, I am a solo player.
Totally agree
Even solos can grind out alot of scrap on a mid to fairly popped server. My gf, a complete noob, worked to a t3 solo. The prob imo is the loot tables are waaaay out of wack. I have literally run every monument for hours upon hours on an empty server and never even saw a single armored door, rocket, or launcher. I did this for like 3 days. The addition of experimenting fcucks the small guy the worst. A clan can grind out 15k scrap np and have all t3 bps fairly quickly where as a smaller group or solo would find it hard to toss 1k scrap on a gamble.
True about the scrap, it's easy to farm. Rockets can only be found in heli crates, rocket launchers in elite crates, armored doors in heli/bradley/elite crates. You need to know where to find the stuff you want, otherwise you'll just be grinding for nothing.
I'm saying I hit military tunnels and launch hard in rotatation with all other monuments but eyy thats not such a bad thing I like that grind. It makes it more rewarding when you do find what you want. I didn't know rockets were only in heli crates. I still truly hate experimenting system. I think it's cheap and gives a huge advantage to large groups.
I kinda agree with you on that one on the experiments. You can experiment pretty much anything but you can't do the rockets and a few other things.
The Road Generation got a HUGE Fix. so getting loot from roads might not be as difficult. We'll have to see what the next update's changes does.
I feel like a hybridized system would help in a way.. Let people gained xp and level up, learn many of the basic blue prints that. Give people the ability to level up and get semi-auto pistols/rifles through an exp system and leave the higher tiered items/weapons to be blueprinted. Getting all the good stuff from heli/bradly is really rough on solo players. I've only had an AK or C4 because it was given to me, not because I was able to find any..
You can experiment for those.
From my experience, experimenting hasn't gotten me the best results, personally. I only did it a few times, before I felt like it wasn't worth the scrap cost. Especially for the higher-tiered WBs.
HHHAHAHAHAHAH and now look at us months later its still fucking trash. these devs are fucking useless
I dont think you know what you are talking about. The old BP system was just as luck based as this one, maybe even more considering research could be done with like 98% and still fail. The xp system was a downfall for everyone not present at day one of a full wipe, having to grind to even make basics like a bow wasnt fun at all and getting guns took a full week of almost nonstop farming. And clans still had the uppder hand because they just had that one guy that crafts all the tools so he would get shared xp. This system right now is the fairest non-luck based system so far (even though I think the workbench crafting costs need a rebalance)
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