• Different wipe system?
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Hi guys. I am proud player of the game known as RUST. Sometimes when i get lucky and gather enough resources to build a big base and when i have a big amount of weapons, I find it quite sad when the server I was playing on is wiped. I was thinking one day and I've got an idea. What if the players themself could wipe the server? Not in some kind of voting thing, but something that would need the player to try his best. My idea was, that the player would need to find some very rare things to do the big wipe. Some things, that would allow him to craft a nuclear bomb maybe? What if the player would need to find like 2 or 3 parts of the bomb (part A, part B, part C) that would exist only one of each kind at each server. When the player collects one of these parts all of the other players are able to see it on the map. Exactly where the parts are located. To craft the nuke itself, the player would need all of these parts, big amount of normal resources (scrap, HQM, metal frags), and maybe lvl 4 crafting table (0.1% chance to drop in air drop or elite crate)? The crafting would take long time and all of the other players would see how much time is left (so they can raid them and steal it from them or smth). When the nuke is finished, the player would be able to detonate it and the whole server would wipe. I was also thinking that the player who detonated the bomb would get some kind of non-tradable non-marketable rare skin (that would be the reward for him). But all of this is just one idea. I would like if it was implemented, but of course it doesn't have to be. Please, atleast do something that the players would have chance to wipe the server themself. Thanks for your attention. Samta is out
A wipe will happen every second day lol. I think this is a bad idea, the forced wipes is there for a reason, it's to update the game with the latest patch that will crash the game if there is old resources still on the map. and for the performance.
It wouldnt be even possible to do it in one or two days. And of course there would be force wipes, but force wipe is once a month. I think my idea is better than wiping the server every second day because nobody plays there. It would add a new possibility for the players. And it would add some goal for the player. Because right now, you have full chest of C4's, you raided all of your neigbours and then there is just wipe. Like I know raiding is fun, but there is no feeling of actually "winning" the game. And I know this game is not about winning, but it's simular to when you kill a dragon in MC (I know it's not a good comparison but you get what i am thinking). And its just an idea. Thank you for your opinion tho. Every opinion is good opinion
Forced wiped keep things balanced imo. Also they are used to implement game changing features. A wipeless rust is on the road map though.
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