• i came back to rust after 3 years..
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then... played for 45 hours, found 2 revolvers from crates and a bunch of worthless gun components which i can do nothing with ? ? what happened this glorious game. its literally a buncha naked people running around with bows scrapping for garbage loot. is there something i'm missing here or are guns by and large gone from this game? #facepalm studios
You now have to find a gun in a box, and then you have to research it in research table by paying scrap. Once you've done this, you're able to craft it for the rest of the wipe on the server. Same for the other items which you can't craft for default. Plus, you need Workbench TierI I - Tier III to craft certain items
From what I can tell the odds of finding gun in a box are close to none. Top that off with a large server population and this explains why everyone has a bow. This is such a let down I really don't understand the line of thinking in gimping loot spawns. When I played in 2014 the worst element to the game was cheaters, but was otherwise a gem in the rough.
Man, Rust is a new game, with new system, new everything... They had to do had for the game longevity.. So you have to learn again how to play Rust ;)
The game changed quite alot. It's nothing like it was when you last played it.
They did it in an attempt to create some kind of sense of progression and, some believe, also to curb the progress of larger clans on a fresh wipe. Imo they have failed in both aspects. Clans will always have the advantage of numbers. Twenty people scavenging will find equipment faster, and now smaller groups are limited in what they can defend themselves with they often get steamrolled early on. Our sense of progression previously was simply managing to build a decent base and survive a full wipe. Progression now is hampered by the fact that it is frustratingly random if you ever find a weapon better than a revolver with which to defend yourself. If you are unlucky with the rng you could possibly go a full wipe with nothing but a xbow. Not everybody has twelve hours a day to spare simply to bash barrels for the never ending quest for scrap aswell as check crates in the hope of that 0.5% percent chance of finding a decent weapon. After this ill thought it bp update you are simply better off trying to find a modded no bp server. Scrap official til it's either rebalanced or removed. Official servers are dogshit now. Shame this forum doesn't allow us to have polls on the subject!
Okay, having played multiple wipes in small groups and solos since the introduction of the new BP system, on both large and small servers, It's not that hard to get scrap. I rarely hit barrels because they don't drop anything good, and instead grab crates whenever possible and scrap components. I highly recommend using rustlabs.com to find out info like this. It's essentially the wiki for rust but better. The barrels drop only a machete as a weapon and the crates can drop revolvers, double barrels, and waterpipes. Then you can take extra components to a mining outpost or any other recycler and get a ton of scrap. I spent about 45 minutes farming a road and got 500-600 scrap. You can also make monument runs and get a ton of scrap. It may be tedious, but getting scrap isn't too hard. If worse comes to worse, you can try apexing along roads and monuments. I have played legacy and the last few systems, and I can solidly say that this is the best system rust has had for progression. I will say that it has flaws, drop rates being part of that, but it doesn't change the fact that the system works.
oh quit whining you big baby, learn to adapt instead. CHANGE is inevitable my child!
What you describe is definitely doable, on either a large map or when there is less than thirty people on a server. Try it when the pop is at 100+. And you are in a group of two or three. Wearing wood armour and rocking xbows and eokas. Tell me what happens when you meet the first person with an smg or AK 🙄 The problem is that obtaining scrap is only half the issue. To get anything worthwhile you need to hit landmarks for higher tier crates. The chance of finding one with an actual weapon inside is about as rare as finding golden rocking horse shit. It's just a complete random mess. Either the RNG gods smile on you or they don't. In a game like rust i just don't understand why the devs think that adding a magical dice roll is a good thing to do. I don't mind earning my rewards, either through grinding components or spending my time gathering resources, but for everything to be random simply takes the mick.
I did this solo in the desert on a server with 123 players online excluding myself. The weapon I had was a revolver that I silenced with some of the loot I found. As for the monuments, the drop rates are awful, with the guns being a 1% drop from military crates. If worse comes to worse, you can camp some of the monuments and snag other solos or small groups with traps or other weapons. I've actually found a use for F1s with trapping.
By the way, another, and easier way to get guns, is by doing an experimental research. You do this by simply putting 100 scrap into a Tier 2 workbench, and you'll get a random Tier I item blueprint. Once you learn it, you won't discover the same blue print again, so the chance of getting a gun increases. On bigger Tiers the price is higher.
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