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I made a base on rustafied small. 2x2. Placed a TC and locked it. I placed a bag and left for a bit. I logged on tonight and found i had been killed and the bag destroyed. No big deal. I went back to base after spawning in another bag and found i still had build priv and placed the bag DIRECTLY on the side of the base. But the ppl who took the base over were able to add a triangle foundation and an airlock. Can you destroy JUST the lock? Why wouldnt they have cleared TC as well? Just wondering if anyone can give insight as to if they changed TC priv yet or am I just crazy. Thanks in advance for any information. -Hip
Sounds like they also took a hold of your TC. Clear your TC
As far as I know you can't destroy just the lock
I think he's trying to get back into his base, in which he wants to take out the code lock only and not waste time with the door. The game mechanics don't allow for this though. You could however grief those that took over your base (if your server doesn't have rules against this), by blocking their airlock.
but the question is, HOW did they built and airlock without TC priv? I mean, you "locked" your TC with what? Code or Key Lock? If key... u left your key inside? if code, is the code lock still yours?
was this a keylock or a code lock on the TC? If it's key, they can craft multiple keys to gain access to it.
Wait what? is there only a few different keys, or a set limit of key/lock combos? I thought they were tied together as in only keys made from that lock can open it.
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i used a key lock and crafted large box before i crafted a key. then cancelled the key and then the large box so there is no key just lying around, but TC is legit locked. I still have TC priv but they somehow put an airlock on my base with a code lock. again. im not trying to get access back to my base, just wondering how they could have done it.
Again, you got raided,they took control over your TC,added the airlock and code locked it.
If I remember correctly, there are o my 100 keys possible for the wooden lock. You can continually craft them and easily raid bases. I don't know where you got the "400" from.
Greif those fucks outta your base stop wasting time on here lol.
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