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Is it maybe possible, to make a litle tweak to the (admin only) doorcloser? I'm working on some battlefields, and want the doors in events to close automaticly. Everyone can remove them. Is it possible to make it so that you can only pick it up with a hammer?
... Open your eyes. See "Construction" -> "Door Closer"
What do you mean? You think I did not see that I can spawn them and use them on doors? The point is that anyone can pick them up if they look at it without a hammer. If the code can be changed so you need a hammer to pick it up, I can use a plugin that prevent players playing an event from picking them up ;)
The way you are wording your questions are very difficult to understand. Not being rude just the honest truth... I have read your question 3 times and still dont completely understand what you are asking or suggesting here?
Corrosion hour is a good server, join that server or else
if you look at a doorcloser, can you pick it up? Is there a way to prevent this? You understand me now?
No, sorry, maybe you could use more verbs?
okay, i agree it, and need access to Cupboard (if in range).
I'm happy with hammer-removal of the doorcloser only, not asking more :P (but more is better, missing textures) With that small change we can prevent players from picking it up with zone plugin.
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