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Can confirm. Players with bad PC can easily see through walls, though peoples with powerful computer can't do that. Also sometimes crates/barrels/rocks are disappearing forever and can be fixed only through re-enabling culling.world: Something weird happens with campfire and different objects too:
"though peoples with powerful computer can't do that" fps.limit: "3"
Everything will be rendered faster than on a slower computers anyway.
This is a known issue which will be fixed in this Thursdays update.
please add Furnace and Salvaged Shelves to esp protection list.
What is this magic list you speak of?
all crates is not visible through walls...
esp protection list lol
I experienced a few glitches myself, trying this command out to see if I would run the game any better. I play on potato settings and get around 25 fps. It helped a tiny bit, but it was definitely causing some issues. I'll list some of what I've experienced over the last couple days: I was in the process of making a secret foundation loot room and when I turned culling on, my metal foundation went invisible and I could see through them. I've also experienced the occasional wall 'disappearing'. I've went to Military Tunnels and when I approached the mineshaft leading in, it appeared as though the barrier was already broken. I just walked on through and when I turned around, the barrier popped back into existence unbroken behind me. Also, The little shack at Military Tunnels that houses the recycler was entirely invisible to me, except for the door. Some loot boxes and barrels either remain invisible or pop in and out of sight. I raided a base and when I went in, I only saw two boxes. I decided to check around and there were at least four other boxes that would let me open them, but were invisible. I tried to shut culling off and I stsrted to have issues with lots of models not loading in properly afterwards. Like static rocks in terrain, to downed trees and such. Even some of the mineral nodes would disappear while trying to hit them. So definitely some fixing that needs to be done with culling for sure. I play on a low-pop server so I never encountered anyone during these experiences, so I can't say for sure if character models and such register behind the invisible entities or not.
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