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This video was rigged lol. The player who was hit by the grenade did not do anything to move out of the way... lol. Still funny to watch though! But please include a video of an authentic grenade throw and kill that caught the player off guard: that would be really funny lol
OVERTON MY HOME TOWN My HOUSE IS at 31 Seconds in! Check out the police force of Overton:
Good job raising 30k
Thise is cool, how do you get your clan there?
That was me lmao main reason I didn't move is because I honestly thought it would dud and I thought it would give spoon a good laugh
I've been playing on the ''Rust Factions'' server for 4 eras and it was mostly great fun. The unique rule system is what makes the server special. They give possibility to get the best experience you ever had in this game. Structure and fairness but also the right amount of freedom rust needs to be such a great game. My clan of 5-10 peaople really found a port of registry on this server until we had to realize, that ADMIN ABUSE is to be find even on such a great server with MOSTLY good and conscientious people in charge of being an admin. We never turned back on this Server for given reasons. Maybe we will someday. If we are sure, that there is no more admin abuse on Rust Factions. I guess thats why the server died. ( to use the words of a roleplayer:) They need to get rid of the perfidious rats in the head and heart of our home.
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