• False Game Ban
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So I know a lot of cheaters say this when they get caught, but I've never cheated on Rust in my life and I wake up this morning to a game ban..... I already had a VAC ban on my Steam from another game from 4 years ago, but this is ridiculous, I've never cheated on Rust and now I can't even play! Any advice on what to do?
First off, this is not the forum to post this, this is https://rust.facepunch.com/f/rusthelp Secondly, nothing can be done for you here or on the link I provided as Facepunch will do nothing for you there. Third, you said you had a VAC ban, that is Steam not facepunch or third party cheat detector EAC. Fourth, you need to understand how VAC or EAC works, if you had a VAC ban before..then you yes, you cheated it doesnt matter when or how, you cheated and that will carry over no matter what length of time. If you were VAC banned in another game it affects every game that used VAC on Steam,therefore your entire account will be affected and any game which uses VAC.
So essentially what you're implying is that because I cheated 4 years ago, that means they have the right to ban me on the spot for doing absolutely nothing because of something I did in a totally different game?
lol Yes, that is precisely what I am saying. What you didn't state was what kind of ban it was. You gave no personal information as in your Steam profile link in order to verify. So, it was a natural assumption. Next time be more specific.
I was banned for hacking previously, I have no proof of it, but I have not ever hacked in Rust in the two weeks I've played. If I did I wouldn't bother trying to appeal it, I'm just pissed off I've been banned for doing nothing wrong.
I'm sorry to inform you that again, nothing can be done for you here. I know your pissed however this is 4 years ago coming to bite you in your ass. Bottom line, I hope you learned your lesson. With that said, there is an option. It may not be one you like but there is an option. A: Format your computer (ensuring ALL cheats or injections are gone. If you fail at this you will have to repeat) B: Get a new Steam account C: Re purchase Rust That is the only possible way to get back into Rust. Follow those guidelines and don't cheat,simple
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