• New monument idea and a little lore
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I think it would be cool to add an underground missile silo to the game, not only would it be a new area for people to check out it would be a great Lore Idea. I like to think that in short, the rust islands are a result of either a nuclear war or nuclear meltdown, and that the government is slowly starting to send people back against their will to see whether or not it is safe to move back. Also as a massive social experiment.
I like that idea, I think a good idea for a munument (although hard to make and would probably increase lag) Is a small town with houses you can build in (like caves) maybe even some sky scrapers to go along with them.
I like the idea of a Rad-City. Small grouping of buildings and skyscrapers would be cool to see. Potentially even something like an 'Urban Biome' where it generates sections of buildings. No rad, low rad and high sections.
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