• This game will die if it doesn't change.
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It is practically impossible to play at the moment, a very high percentage of the players use ricoil scripts, spraying ak47 from long distance and not missing a single shot. I'm tired of doing reports, tired of recording, this is a disaster. If you don't have the mental capacity to create a software that detects scripters at least take the ricoil out of the weapons so that at least the players who play without scripts can do something inside this game. Don't say " We're working on it" because I've been seeing the same players abusing scripts for months, I see hundreds of youtuber using them, and nobody is doing anything.
Heard that before, and look.....we are all still here
Rust has been supposedly been dying Since Legacy. The Devs are working on it.
So the answer is to get a script too?
Just get better ive been accused so many times and I dont use any.
If its going to die, its going to die because of the building 3.0
LOL How so? This quite similar to the old building mechanics
Are you kidding me
Uh no....lol not even. Sorry dood, that ain’t breakin
The Building 3.0 update scares me. It removes wallstacking and a lot of other creative features in the game. I make all my YouTube videos on base builds, and building has just gotten so much more dull. I worry about staying relevant in a community that is increasingly turning away from creative base-building
QQ guys, the Building 3.0 update might cause into a 4.0 Building update or eventually an 5.0, the game will get there with the feedback we give them. But don't be over-sensitive, change is always scary, but let them just try things we might like or dislike. In the meantime enjoy the game, or don't and hop on every now and then to see if it's more to your liking than last time.
Fuck BUilding 3.0 fucking noobs , we have a big problem with scrips
I agree that I'm more concerned about the building changes. I haven't encountered anyone that I suspect was running scripts, but I don't play on battleground servers so maybe that's why.
I play every wipe for at least 40 hours and I have not once encountered a scripter. I play on Rustafied, scripting is now very limited if not gone. Practice more, they probably aren't cheating.
Back in my day, kids would perfect headshot you in full kev from across the map and you'd be forced to go live in your craptastic 2x4 wooden base while hackers would fly around razing the server to the ground and the admins would be like "Wow, that's really sad, sorry you lost everything" At least you can shoot back against so-called script-abusers. At least you can build something better than a crappy wooden base.
I haven't encoutered a scripter before either, and the fact you sound like a toxic guy doesn't really prove your point, as Mattmocz said, just practice.
Papagrox was the OP and started this thread to discuss the problem he is having with scripters. It got hijacked into something else. Stick to the subject guys... or go start a different thread. The topic is SCRIPTERS (and his obvious disdain for people that don't have the mental capacity to create a software that detects scripters). Let's get this back on track. And... go!
Dude, when I read your post, I felt sorry for you. So many people marked you as a baby already. Those are the ones who claim that Facepunch is a small team so you musn't complain about anything. However, I disagree with you. Rust isn't gonna die. It's a superb game. But the community is corrupted.
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