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PLEASE dont remove wall stacking in the next update, i beg to you, its removing the creativity of base building and making raiding a lot easier than it is already. I've used all my coins to make this post, just for you to know how worried i am. I once had a fortify file containing more than 200 base designs that i was happy whit. Then you released the twig update and all those were gone. Now i have like 300 designs that are going to be useless after the thursday's update, but this time there will be no more designs because you are removing creativity here, and i dont think you plan to see maps filled up whit bases like the one that hJune did an hour ago on his youtube channel. Im pretty sure 90% of the players will dislike this addition, so please at least play attention to what people will say about the update and if you see you are wrong, just revert it. The fun in base building is about creativity, and trying to everyday gain more experience to make the perfect base, in terms of security, comfort, storage, etc. And at the same time you should be adding more build mechanics or items like the garage door, not removing them. I love this game, and i love base building, just like a lot of other players and i dont know who were you devs listening to but you need to stop whit these changes. Thanks and im waiting for a reply.
I agree 1000%. I make all my YouTube videos on base builds, and building has just gotten so much more dull. I worry about staying relevant in a community that is increasingly turning away from creative base-building
I'm more concerned about those who abuse scripts ricoil
Boo fucking hoo.
Don't make duplicate threads or you gonna have a bad time!
Wall stacking should be abolished, and i hope it is. Raiding is fun. Wether you are defending or attacking. One fact remains though, The raiders will always have had to invest far more resources, time and effort into the raid than the builder has had to. That's the way it should be, and that won't change. It means the builder will have to get sneaky and more imaginative than simply stack everything twice over to feel safe enough logging out on their chest of gold all Smaug-like. There's nothing wrong with been raided, it will always happen, just deal with it and start afresh with better ideas. Plus it's not like you have absolutely no way of defending against an offline raid! Many times I've logged in to find my base has had an attempted breach yet failed due to cleverly placed traps that the raiders simply couldn't get past.
I would consider myself primarily a builder. I love to build complex bases and when I find another worthy builder, I enjoy solving the puzzle they built. I really hope the "3.0 changes" don't push toward the dumbing down of base designs. Half stacking walls make for easy raids, so I probably won't be using them and the inability to find a tc using a building plan to walk around a base and estimate is going to be another big change. I'm not opposed to change, so I look forward to experimenting with new designs, but I am concerned that this may be the update that kills it for me if everyone is stuck building simple bases.
Its not just wall stacking my dude
This makes me sad
Ohhh, does that mean No more peekaboo gaps in bases? I can imagine a lot of trap bases may also be made redundant..... Well,. This will certainly be an entertaining wipe relearning how to build and discovering new tricks!
Yeah I'm trying to stay positive. I like figuring out new things. Just a bummer that all the time spent experimenting and becoming an advanced builder is wasted and I'm on equal ground with a new player now.
Discovering new tricks, Biggaboon, finally some positivity! I see it that way too. Just come up with new fresh idea's. Also if we don't like the restrictions to building 3.0 we can just adres it to FP and they will probably do something about it, or improve something else to have more variety in building. There is no reason to say it is permanently ruining the game, I mean, I haven't seen anyone saying it on this thread, but just in case someone had in mind to say it
I've read a decent amount of people's arguments about 3.0 "dumbing down" building to at least consider the possibility that it might not be as good in the long run. Now, consider this possibility: I don't care, I just want to be able to connect my foundations without spending 3 hours making everything line up.
But are roofs still gonna look like aids?
With building 3.0, the game loses depth and becomes easier and easier Players with geometric abilities are slowed down. Players who are too lazy to farm sulfur are supported. Offline protection is more difficult 95% of all basebuild are broken (that was free advertising for the game on Youtube) 85% of all trabebasebuild are broken (that was free advertising for the game on Youtube) for me it's very easy to raid, ... no challenge anymore the skill is dead long live stupidity and laziness
This guy is right. The building aspect of the game just became pointless. I thought Build 3.0 was to make it harder for players. Now with about 20 rockets anyone can be raided. Unless they build honeycoming of squares or triangles for many layers on both an x and y axis. Now players are forced to build bigger buildings, which is more entities for the servers and making things worse for us all. Ive watched players abolish building now and just put stashes all around the map to hide thier stuff. Noobs cant even play for 1 or 2 hours and log back in next day to stuff. The are required to play for many hours a day to gather enough of everything to sustain a strong base for 24 hours. Some players can only play for say 2 hours a day... They may as well go play minecraft or call of duty depending if they want to build or pvp with gear... I have not checked but 1 player reported 700+hqm to upkeep 1 hqm wall for 24 hours. Personally believe removing some aspects of the building in rust has just broke the game. im watching players drop off the game also over it. Obvs more will come back. but even as a server owner im put off the game now.
LOL if you have 300 base designs and not a single one doesnt involve an EXPLOIT in base design that was ruining the game, then you are a faggot and need to get some creativity yourself
I dont think you understand how hard it actually is to be in a clan sometimes, being a leader and the base designer for my group is bloody time consuming spending countless hours trying out different builds to confuse raiders. sure i also understand zergs are fucked to deal with as a solo to 3 man group. but its a group game stop crying about zergs and become one, you will never have as much fun as playing in a big group. you say learn how to build a base without exploiting, what are you even talking about, what is there to learn now build a square or a circle is your two choices, so basic and no creativity at all, if you are a big clan you are targeted by other clans that will have countless rockets the only way to survive a raid from a clan is to have an extremely confusing base or to be online.
what do you mean..
It means don't post the same thread in multiple forms like he posted it here and here. But he edited it a while ago to be different.
Realism huh. Making Aks out of scrap and shovel handles then getting shot in the face and respawning in a sleeping bag..... That kind of realism you mean? This isn't a simulator, chump. And the majority of real life buildings don't disappear after someone kicks the door in. Most don't need upkeep for years. Ever heard of stone henge or machu picchu? They are still standing after a fair few years. They haven't disappeared yet. Is that realistic enough for you? This is a game. Designed to be fun. If the majority of players aren't having fun due to an update on the way the game is played, then that has to be looked at by the developers and a solution implemented. Don't be such a turnip. You want realism? Go outside and experience it.
for realistic we need 24/7 deffteam in the base. its is a game not the live of realistic person (i hope so) and when i will realistic.... i go to a afganistan
true but we cant have these huge bases anymore
Of course you can. But they won't last long in the current state. Because the upkeep costs are a mess. And if you are a few hours late to to up? Then bye bye base and everything you've worked for. When you get modest medium sized solo/duo bases that are hard to upkeep you know there is a problem. Btw, before you respond saying there isn't a problem build small etc etc, I've just seen in the commits that building blocks that are inside will decay at 10% decay rate. Well... It's something. See. There was a problem. Waddya know.
so your saying you can't live with multiple small bases making the game more a challenge?
You can make the game as difficult for yourself as you want to. It doesn't mean that it's right and others have to suffer. How about this suggestion to fit in with your realism ideal. When you are killed, leave the server. After all you can't get more realistic than permadeath! You'll love it.
I'm not gonna argue anymore because it's just an update. But if you don't like it this much, just move on and play a different game.
Tis exactly what i did =). Ill come back when this mess is cleaned up alittle.
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