• Will we see the updated rocket site today?
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Recently we were told of updates to the rocket site, with new walkways, stairs etc. and treated to some cool visuals of it all, my question is, will this be making it into the game in today's December 7th update or do we have to wait even longer for this?
From what I can tell, this update will bring these changes, who knows in a final commit what they might add but this is the list of items so far: Consideration to a blueprint wipe Animal AI Improvements New Furnace Grenade changes Hapis Island upgrades New Mining Quaries & Junkyards procgen Map changes And the big one...Building 3.0 so, again it is unsure but I would assume with this big roll out that it is not in the works this update
When was this ever mentioned by anyone with actual relevance to fp?
Well, I cannot say that I personally read that any Dev was considering this. However, Rustafied mentioned that it was a consideration (as I posted). I'd like to think they have it on authority. https://www.rustafied.com/ (very bottom)
ANY SERVER HOST CAN FORCE WIPE BPS. I could do this on my server right now if I wanted to. Gary has stated that they will not force bp wipe onto server owners. Who knows their plan for officials but if you servers bps wipe than it was your admin not FP Rustified servers are hosted independently. Facepunch doesn't own them. They can wipe whenever the owner decides. Same with RUSTY moose and rustopia.
check this out, this is what the dev DAMIAN LAZARSKI mentions back in devblog 185 , teases us with several pictures and says he will try and get it in the following week! that was back on November 7th, come on why not get it in now a whole month later!.
Yes, this is very true except for one thing. Rustafied is an Official server. Yes, they have stated that they will themselves carry a forced wipe. That was not the question the OP asked. I only used that for reference. If you would have looked at the article posted on Rustafied it states "Although Facepunch said they are considering forcing a blueprint wipe across the board, we have yet to hear any official word. That said, Rustafied servers will be wiping blueprints when the update hits." With that said, and being that Helk appears on their live stream. Again, it was said "under consideration". Not sure what your trying to get at
I thought I read that new rocket building was coming with the wipe so the changes wouldn't disrupt current any current worlds.
Just asked the same question on rustafied live stream as the new hapis map has it, and they said we will get it too on procedural maps, so yay good news.
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