• Emergency request (building 3.0)
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Hello! Can you add hatch without ladder? Special for 0.5 buildings. Or other gorisontally open hatch mountable to floor frame!
You make an interesting point. I'm guessing for now ladder hatches will just clip through floors.
you cannot move down to 0.5 floor.
I haven't built with half walls for a while because it's so much easier to raid, but you used to be able to. I'm looking forward to the experimentation to find new ways to get around the update and I'm trying to stay optimistic, but I'm also concerned that this may be it for me.
I 100% agree with you. Im trying to stay optimistic but yeah this might be it for me too.
Lol. That's not optimistic xD. And they might just come up with a new creative way of building, or turn it back. Stop being dramatic.
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