• Door peek exploit
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I haven't seen anyone addressing this issue yet, so I thought I'd bring it up. People are using scopes and weapon flashlights to look through cracks and gaps in doors to see if there is loot behind the door. If the gap is unintentional, please fix it. I don't see how it could be intentional for an armored door. Usually exploits are fixed fairly quickly so I've been surprised to see this one last so long.
yup pls fix
This ha been in the game forever man. I think it may be a mechanic of the game like key raiding is. You'd be able to peep a real door in real life like that why shouldn't you on rust?
I agree with Kilokweal here. For example, you can peek through a hole in a sheet metal wall, and a wooden wall aswell. But still the loot boxes behind that wall or door might just be decoy, and empty. I think it's just fun to let raiders waste alot of C4 or rockets just because they saw a couple of lootboxes in a room through the wall or door.
This is most likely when your using sheet metal doors on sheet metal doorways. You can also peak trough the plates of the walls, and this should be known and no problem. In my eyes this only becomes a problem when only the high-end gaming computers can accomplish do by running the best settings.
Def works with armored door too.
Still, it's equal for everyone is his point I believe, so it is not an exploit. It would be far worse if you could loot something behind a door in a way. There just is a possibility to peek through a door, and the boxes behind it might be empty.
Its annoying as hell to peek through walls and see whats behind anyways so when you put something behind a wall 80% of the time noone is even going to try to look through
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