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Hello! Im a player from Turkey.Number of Turkish players hace decreased recently.Servers which opened in community is barren.Because of update every mount that made inroads on game dynamics , a lot of turkish players left to play but still they have wanted to play potential.A lot of clans I remembered in past left the Rust.Existence of Turkish server in Official may bring back the Turkish Clans and a lot players.We need this server.Turkish player in different servers each other.Thats why Community of Turkish players will not be provided. Im make sure you will do what is necessary.Please open Turkish Server in official than all Turks will gather that.
You Right!
yyeeesssss please!
Turkish people thinks that if a server wiped later is better so they move on to every server that fresh and servers die in one day and admins keep opening new ones and wipes their own so we need that official server !
we need a local server in Turkey. we need low ping gameplay.U must open this server in turkey. U can't ignore Turkish player's potential
Hey! I've been playing the game since 2015 and i had a server back in 2016 but i had to close it down due to constant DDOS attacks. While i agree with all of you i created my server once again in hopes of giving the OFFICIAL experince to Turkish players. I don't wipe the server depending on player counts or wishes; it has a strict wipe schedule itself. But like you pointed players usually quits once their house gets raided or get killed. I try to be fair to every player, i don't play on the server other than spectating. I can't really convince you guys to play on my server at least give it a shot. It will be closer to Official experience. You can join by searching "Rustiye" on server browser. [ANA] has 5 group limit and [SOLO] is basically solo experience. Do let me know about your experience! Cheers!
I agree,but they can’t keep normally exiting serveers.official servers down 3 times a day for 4 hours+,so that’s why unlogic increase number of servers by regions.For first we need help facepunch resolve problem with ddos atacks and keep up time.Then expand
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