• Flaw with resource upkeep?
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If someone was to throw satchels on your foundation to 1/4 health. Then waited until their TC repaired the damage. Well then couldn't you just continue to bleed the TC until it was empty. Then the base would rapidly decay....and on the rustified update stream they just said it takes about 3hr before you start losing walls......
The TC doesn't repair the buildings, it just prevents them from decaying.
Yeah it definitely repairs the building. Im watching it happen live....
Wait what
Yeah man this shit just keeps getting better right? ffs So now instead of just patching holes after being raided, there's a massive possibility you will completely lose your base. gg rust.
Helk 19:47 bases heal themselves if upkeep conditions are met and have not been attacked for 10min tool cupboard only accepts resources
So essentially bleeding TCs will become a thing?
Sounds like it.
Dude this is broken. 3x3 three story costs 40k/day but the tc only has 18 slots.....so thats 1.6h/hr.....So a full TC will only hold aprox 11hr for that base. Imagine if someone bleed that. I have a job i can log in every 3hr just to make sure my base isnt decaying cause someones bleeding my tc....... That base costs that daily
Wouldn't it be faster to satchel the foundation to 0 health
No because the base in its entirety will begin to rapidly decay once tc in empty right? So instead of blowing into random rooms until you hit the loot room you could just wait til the entire base is open and just walk in. Its probably waay faster but i spent 3 hr rocking soft side walls to get into a base today and itd be much cheaper.
Having a damaged block doesn't deplete the resources faster than having all healthy blocks. The upkeep is based on the number of blocks, not on the health of those blocks.
So the repairing feature of tc wont deplete the resources at the same rate it would cost to repair said block with hammer?
This is one thing that i'm going to try. "Bleed Raiding" might become a thing.
The upkeep cost is pretty damn crazy. What with the blueprint scrap sink and now the extortionate base upkeep costs it's as though you guys want the playerbase to do nothing but grind resources. Anyone with a job or homelife is now penalised due to these changes. Only schoolkids and no lifers need apply. Thank fk we still have custom servers available. RIP rust official.
Developers want small homes that can be raided by ANYONE.
Devs dont give 2 fucks about they're player base. When bps came out they SPECIFICALLY stated on these forums that they would not force BP wipe on server owners....so I go rent my own server so I can control this....promise my pop bps will stay.....thanks helk. I'm done with this pos that just gets worst and worst with every new "feature"
You can uninstall if you want... I promise you it won't affect the game what so ever. And I'm sure the developers do care about their community, because they need people to buy the game for them to make money. Although, maybe if people like you wouldn't be such massive assholes to the developers they would be a little nicer to the community.
Been nice to a developer? What's that got to do with anything? The guy's pissed because he rented a server specifically on the promise of a developer that server owners would have final say on blueprint wipes. The developer doesn't honour that promise and forces a wipe anyway, hence one pissed server owner. Maybe you're the type of guy to blow smoke up someone's ass in the hope of some sort of recognition for all the brown nosing you do, but most people tend to voice their concerns when they feel the need to rather than bow down and lube up. I'm not a server owner nor do i know the source of the stated promise, but if the dev did... That's kinda shitty.
I am okay with the resource upkeep thing and I figure the amounts may get tweaked as time goes on. The part that concerns me is when I heard on Rustified's update stream that stuff decays very quickly when you don't have a cupboard. Like if someone raids you destroys your cupboard they said the entire structure would be gone in an hour? I really hope the adjust this I agree having a large base there for weeks is just stupid. But logging for the night getting raided and coming back in the next day to find nothing left of your base is a bit too harsh for me the casual player. I didn't mind logging in each day to maintain my base. Should do that anyways to make sure you didn't get raided. I don't mind adding resources to maintain the base. Logging in to find everything you worked hard for is gone is a bit too much for me. In the past even if someone took over your base you could always take it back. I won't be uninstalling but because of Christmas I won't be playing this wipe cycle hopefully things get adjusted and I will be back in January.
This is in large part why my server has been set to no decay. Nothing like being able to login for an hour or two and spending the entire time grinding resources to repair decay, then walking around everywhere trying to actually repair without being killed, then having to log off having done nothing forward moving. Then going to the next bit of scrap and component farming that's needed for other aspects. I enjoy all of these systems that are in place and would not change them. But some level of base permanance is needed for my personal situation to be able to enjoy the game and not be stuck in perma-grind or die-and-restart. (Which I'm also good with, I often roam the server as a homeless guy anyways.) Thankfully community servers exist, and the developers have allowed for deep customization of the game's experience.
So I recently was a un-populated server creating my base. After failing to build outside my base by connecting it to my main cupboard i decided i would connect it to another...so i placed a cupboard outside the building privilege of the first cupboard and built inwards...after awhile i noticed both my stuff from the outside cupboard and inner cupboard were decaying like they werent protected. Did they implement like a disabler if you have a cupboard built building next to a cupboard? because like all my stuff is decaying and its annoying and ridiculously expensive.
I have a massive bleeding bug in my base... first i thought decay vars messed after update but that seems wrong... if i feed my cupboard that the ress should last 18h its gone after about 7 or 8 hours... the metal frags are going too fast!
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