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You'll also notice that the Stone Spear no longer requires a workbench SPEAR2GEAR IS BACK
I'm looking forward to it and trying it out <3 Good job Facepunch!
>Building Upkeep Clan have no problem. Solo and small group have BIG problem and can maintain 2x2 or 3x3 base. 3x3 baze can be raided to zero, very, very easy. Hello my sleeping bag in the bushes...
Day after wipe.
So why are all the servers down right now facepunch really wanted to playy us west 1 but its down so are 17 other servers
Hey Face punch, thanks for the update. I really appreciate the effort your putting into the building 3.0 @André Straubmeier. I really hope you look at the new systems long term versatility. The building tax is a smart way to streamline the building, and constrain large groups, but I don't think that making large buildings non-meta through requiring large amounts of grind is a viable strategy for balance in the long run. Please look into a balancing mechanism based around complexity, where larger bases become a gamble for groups to make, due to their rapidly increasing complexity, and the ability to make an exploitable mistake while building. This would shift the balance more to the middle, without requiring any one party to grind far more than the other. How you do this is up to you, however I have seen it implemented successfully more than once. Buliding 3.0 is a solid update, and I appreciate all the hard work you have put in. Please be considerate of the how you will build on this revamp.
In the devblog, they are showing a picture with server variables for the upkeep. Where is this located, or do we have to add that in our startfile as command?
Yes, I knew Rust's voice chat had to be running through Steam's P2P voice network. That's why it sucked so bad. Steam chat is hideously awful. You'd think that such a large gaming company would want their voice servers to be decent enough that people would actually want to use the feature.
what a shit of skins, lately they have only chosen shit skins to put in the store!!!!
Oh yeah garry and staff... Well done! What a great update. Keep going. The greatest game and devs around. No doubt on that... Cheers to Facepunch and staff
I hope this changes will make the game better, anyway, I thrust in you. And, i think is stupid make the stone peak spear on s workbench, the people 20.000 years ago made made them seated with the legs crossed...
Glorious update! BUT WE NEED MORE BUILDING BLOCKS!!! Reference for reading:Gyazo I'd love to see some stairs that line up with doors. OR doorways that have the opening on the left or right side of the block so that we can fit them to the current stairs. give us triangle floor frames w/ triangle grills so we can be more creative w/ our furnace bases. Give us 90-45-45 trianlges and longer walls for them. give us lowered windows so that we can shoot down them! Give us more roof blocks that have many different forms like cutting off the cliping parts when two roofs are placed in the same block! MOST IMPORTANTLY, There also just needs to be some outdoor blocks that can only be used as like outdoor stairs or bridges. Seeing as all bloks need to be attatched to a TC now, it would be nice to have bridges wothout having a 1x1 right next to em'. Plus, foundations can only be placed so high. Any ways, I think that some wall mounted shevles, rugs that fit the whole foundation and fireplaces would be neat.
I am love this updated
As long the upkeep decay variables are working and adjustable (for server owners) I love this update, even after 4000 hours of building!
Best Update! Thx Devs, GJ.
The culling.env doesn't work for me.
That is good idea. But i think the Health Bars should shown for home owner only. Also I want so that the terrain of the map had a real view. As example is the island like as on movie Jurassis Park, when the level above the sea rises from the coast to the center of the map (mountains). Otherwise, the terrain looks like a taiga, when everywhere low level over the sea and only high mountains nearby. And it would be nice to add a tropical layer to the map with a very dense flora.
привет. гари. сделай по дефолту уже изученный чертеж топора. сложность. его будет в том. что надо для этого будет собрать 20 мвк и дерева. не мало. это нужная вещь. я устал искать инструменты. так будет правильнее. умоляю тебя. сделайте так. Hey. gari. do by default the already studied drawing of the ax. complexity. it will be in that. that it is necessary for this purpose to collect 20 mwk and a tree. not a little. this is the right thing. I'm tired of looking for tools. so it will be more correct. I beg you. do so.
<3 (kudos for the placement error pic)
Hell, YES ! Thanks <3
The new building system is trash, Congratulation you capitalist pigs, give me back my money you assholes
Stop being a cunt Best devblog so far.
No one positive feedback to new, ugly decay system. This is critical success, FacePunch.
I don't have an issue with it, personally. I don't make huge bases. 1 stack of 989 wood keeps my base protected for 2 days. Can't imagine it'll be much more when I upgrade to stone. Keep your base size smaller, you can manage the decay easily.. Only seems to be a problem if you're trying to make a real big base.
Couldn't agree more
I think the Building Upkeep announcement is the greatest news for semi-casual players like myself. It means I should be able to maintain a small base by myself, without being committed to logging in to the game every day (or two). It means being able to play Rust _and_ have a life (Imagine!). I haven't tried it out yet, though, because of my high level casualness, but I'm trusting it all works like a charm
You live in a small base made solely out of wood. Please, be quiet until you've got experience with something a little less shitshack-like. This update would be fine if it were not fit the afterthought of base upkeep that they just slung in there untested, like a previous apology that went out, they've done the same again.
I take it the item outlines are staying then? I just want to show an example why i think they should not be in the game as this has happened to me a few times and it was a good part of the game that made it more unique to other games. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cMEjCevuurg?controls=0&amp;start=750" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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