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wooden base? seriously? 1 stack of lgf, and one flamethowler = your baze wiped to 0
Try it before you praise it. You will be disappointed. It's a good idea that's been poorly thought out and implemented.
The new decay system is a great idea, but it should affect smaller bases much less. Imagine a typical casual player that logins for 1-2h daily and that he needs to go and spend these 1-2h to grind resources so he can upkeep his tiny base that can be easly raided. I would say that smaller base = longer decay time and much smaller maintenance cost. Also try to make a linear function or rather a curve of cost, instead of segments "from 1 to 10 blocks". I would cost % and time decay to look like that: It very slowly grows on start while it starts to rapidly grow with huge size bases. It should affect both decay time and and cost. Huge bases with huge clans can have players watching their bases 24/7, while solo players are more punished by the system right now.
I only played for 2 hours last night after wipe. I never said my base was staying wood, just that it was currently wood and with less than a full K stack of wood, i got 2 days of protection.
if your base on stone - you need stone to protect it. Not wood.
Right. But how much more is the cost of stone over wood? Is 1k stone going to net you the same 2 day protection that wood does? I can only look at it from my point of view. Its now a con to have a larger base, so zergs can't push out massive bases unless they take time away from their precious naked killing frenzies, to have to farm to keep that big base. You want a bigger base and more protection? It's going to cost you. There are certainly pvpers who drop single-foundation bases just to drop loot. Wouldn't be that expensive to maintain.
Everybody that hates the upkeep costs should play on servers where server owners adjusted the costs and duration!
Hi, ive been playing since legacy so I know a lot about the game and its development and I recently had an idea, a major change it would be though. What if there would be an option on the TC that would enable OFFLINE mode? You could turn it on and off once every hour. Once its on it means the whole base is unraidable and anything attached to its radius would be impossible to use (doors, crates, etc). All players on TC would not even be able to gather ressources or use any items. This would make the game more streamer friendly or more friendly in general, it would counter offline raids. Wouldnt it be enjoyable for you to be able to continue playing where you left since it takes weeks to get every blueprints. Servers would also last longer of course. Note that it would not be possible to go in offline mode if someone hit your base or interact with it. I dont want the offline mode to be a response to someone raiding you. What do you guys think?
Hi pls fix cupboard i cant farm 31k stone in 1 day !! This amount is too much
What's the size of your base? Just so we have the reference.
11*11 If we complete this house cupboard want 200k stone per day ?!!!!
Hey any news on the inspecting of guns? some news of how far away they are would be great
no. i play and use official configuration.
I am agree this commenter
new roads look classy
Upkeep for decay is too high. Yet again, you're catering to groups and clans and forgetting about the little guy. before you release, maybe think "how is this going to affect large groups vs small groups vs solo players" Instead of just releasing, pissing people off and finding out like that. A little thought goes a long way and drains your community that much less. You'd think after 4+ years maybe you guys would stop shooting in the dark. It's 'make something potentially really stupid' and release it to our fanbase and see how they chew on it, we'll work on it from there. Never any forethought with these guys, all guesswork. just plain lazy. You guys suck
Shoddy, half arsed, ill thought out and untested updates. What more can you expect from facepunch. Who here truly believes rust will ever crawl out of the alpha stage?
Hi! I play Rust for 3 months and I realy like it. I see steps forward by the team of dev. I have to say goood work. But there is one small thing I would like to comment ... BOONIE HAT. I bought some skin and I found out I cant craft it in game ... cant research, cant craft. Again thx for good game. Lanok
It is going to be so easy to foundation wipe now. Just offline raid someone destroy TC and when they get back on POOF! No base!
Changing the core foundation to a game constantly seems a good way of losing large parts of the audience!! I haven't the slightest of an idea why this change came about unless it was for people at facepunch who play rust and got tired of raiding bases that were honeycombed. Why not actually work on the concepts that people want to see like electricity......the concepts that have been put out the last 4 years that never are developed???? I just can't understand why you would change a products core constantly when you already have success with it?? Unless you are trying to have it fail!!!!
Stop being a cunt. Say thanks and get out.
Serious issue with the way the new tool cupboard works. Someone breaks into your base, they take everything out of the tool cupboard, by the time you log on 8 hours later (eventually you need sleep) your base is decayed and missing parts....OR.... next scenario... someone breaks into your base, an because you need to access your tool cupboard, they can access it as well, they destroy it, build their own and take over your base replacing your doors with theirs. We all love rust, but putting days of work in to get robbed by some griefing kids whilst you sleep just puts you off the game for weeks. Please come up with a solution FacePunch, we love rust but you should not give griefers tools to ruin others fun, I don't want to see Rust a dead game, I've played it since day one but I'm starting to have had enough!
I don't want to be rude but i really hate this new TC upkeep update. It's not helpful and made the game worse. Plz fix it (at least reduce the time or the resources) 😓😓😓
very nice now i see less huge zerg bases
The new system in the closet does not allow building large buildings. not enough cells. especially in the clan buildings. so the maintenance costs are too huge. we ask the administration to make changes.
The new meta will more then likely return to how Legacy was. You build small bases that are out of the way, or build a small village within a wall and protect each other as a clan. Having large bases will just cost far too many resources, and realistically speaking, that's for the better. If you want to be a zerg, you need to actually put up the bill for it.
+1 completely support you. the amount is too large. we ask the developers to make changes urgently. friends, please support us. write a letter to the developers.
HIi , Its great that you are putting so much effort into the updates I just have a comment to the last update with the upkeep of the buildings . I think the cost are really big for us as a clan all the connections putting a lot of material is really making the game less enjoyable to play. Plus what I noticed yesterday for example if a player has a base he spend 15 hours building a really large one armored etc and someone raids it founds the toolbox destroys it with all the goods and this happens at night by the time morning comes there wont be aby base left. I think this is unfair no chance of rebuilding and protection . Just our opinion as a clan
With Build 3.0, the game loses complexity and becomes easier and easier - Players with geometric abilities are slowed down. - Players who are too lazy to farm sulfur are supported. - Offline protection is more difficult - 95% of all base builds are broken (that was free promotion for the game on Youtube) - 85% of all trabebasebuild are broken (no other game could deliver that) - no more casual players on relext pvp servers (2 -3 days offline = base gone) - for me it's very easy to raid ... no more challenge The skill is dead, long live stupidity and laziness
I've tried it now, also with some longer waits in between. Seems to work very well for me. I'm currently on a very quiet PVE server, as I just wanted to test the upkeep of the server (not whether or not someone can blow off the door or not), and it's very quick and easy to get enough wood to protect to 2x2 base for around a week.
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