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I can't help but to notice that players of higher and lower tiers have not been seperated like we were told they would be. I will say that I have been around more players of my tier, but I have seen no reduction of players above or below my tier. My idea I think is good but would require a good amount of work. What I am thinking is that; A. The three tier zones the map is divided into need to be better defined. Make a clear difference in what monuments are found where, make each biome mostly exclusive to each tier (dessert only in tier 1, temperate forests only in tier 2 and artic only in tier 3.(With small exceptions) ) B. The average map needs to be large enough to take about 35-50 minutes to go from one corner to the other. Keep in mind, when vehicles and wipeless rust come along, we're going to need bigger maps anyways. Point being; C. I think that having a large distance between tier zones would force players to build a base in each zone. their first base would be in the tier 1 zone so that they are close to the loot they can use. Once they have gotten enough resources and a WB L2, they build a second base in the tier 2 zone so that they are close to the tier 2 loot Once again, when they have the resources and WB L3, they build their third and final biggest base in the tier 3 zone so that they are close to the tier 3 loot. (not only would this truly seperate player tiers, but it would also make bases alot better looking: I find often that I never use things like ladder hatches, dropboxes, vending machines, the Oil refinery, beds, etc because by the time I have found and researched these things, my base is done and I don't have any place to put them. But if players needed to build 3 bases, they would have found all of these deployables by the time they're at the tier 3 zone and can put them into use. D. No matter what zone you're in, all monuments provide loot for the tiers below them alongside their own tier loot. E. In the tier 1 zone, minor radiation is present in only the monuments and is weak enough to be protected from w/ simple clothes. In the tier 2 zone, radiation is present in all monuments and requires a hand made hazmat to be protected from. Radiation pockets are also scattered around the zone in non monument areas that are weak enough to be protected from w/ tier 2 clothes. In the tier 3 zone, radiation is present in all monuments and requires lootable only hazmat suit to be protected from. Radiation is also omnipresent outside of monuments, but needs only tier 2 clothes to be protected from. POCKETS of higher radiation are also in the tier 3 zone and need tier 3 clothes to be protected from. The reason for the extra radiation around the tier 2 and 3 zones is to prevent players from building their first base in these zones and so that tier 2 and 3 players cannot hide their loot on a naked player w/out be irradiated. (radiation is negated inside player made structures so that when you spawn naked in your teir 3 base, you dont die) F. If you're going to complain about needing to build 3 bases, first, the first 2 don’t need to be super big or complex, second, it gives a clear defined goal to work towards. If a person has a goal they will stick around a lot longer than if they don’t have a goal. If people stick around longer, the server stays alive longer. Like I said before, the later tier bases would look and feel cooler than all bases do now.
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