• Idea: Grace Period Triggered by the Tool Cabinet's Destruction
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some people have already said they wanted a 'grace' period before decay, but I can't see how that would happen. It seems like people would just put the resources in for a single tick, and then take them out to reset the grace period. Problem Bases rely on the tool cabinet to keep their hard work standing, and to keep potential assholes from greifing the base beyond repair. With the added ability to store a large amounts of resources inside the TC, raiders will seek it, to get the loot inside it. Once they have the loot, there's nothing stopping them from putting their own, and walling it in so that all your hard work decays away. Suggestion A grace period that is only triggered when the tool cabinet is destroyed. Intended Result Once the tool cabinet is destroyed, the base will continue to emit the last known building privilege area for a period of time(time scales up with base size). The building also stops decaying for 2 hours. If authorized player is on during the grace period. The UI will show them the time left on the grace period, and that the TC has been destroyed. They will be able to place a new TC inside the building privilege zone, which ends the grace period and resumes decay. If no new TC is placed and two hours pass, the base would begin to decay as usual. Then once the Grace period's time has fully expired, the base's building privilege would stop being emitted. Possible Problems Players might destroy the TC to abuse the grace period. But since the TC takes time to destroy, only halts decay for 2 hours and placing a new one down ends the Grace period. it wouldn't be worth the effort. Notable side effect The Grace Period could be used to relocate the Tool Cabinet safely, Great for building compounds.
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