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Imagine how you would feel if you were an adult with a 40+ hr a week job and a family, who looked forward to the 2-4 hrs a night you could unwind playing your favorite game. Imagine that you invested those precious free hours into grinding away, and made a modest but secure base that fit your limited schedule so that farming isn't an issue. Only one night something comes up like your kid gets sick or your boss asks you to come in to work early to deal with something out of the ordinary. Suddenly you can't log in that night because oops, you're not a little kid or manchild anymore, you're a responsible adult and mommy can't go to work for you or take your kid to the doctor. Your bills don't just get paid on your behalf, that strep throat isn't just going to go away on its own. Now that base you've been working on for 4-5 days, your tier 3 workbench, your box full of guns and sulfur decays into the void. You just lost everything even though you have plenty of resources to upkeep your base because the TC is too small to hold them and requires you to log in once a day to refill it. Nobody raided you, Facepunch just decided that because you couldn't log in for one night, because you had to attend to your survival needs in the real world instead of your survival needs in a fucking game, it would destroy your base in your absence. Wouldn't that piss you off? Maybe inspire you to go on reddit and make a post about it? But hey, fuck everybody else, as long as sweaty nerds like you can enjoy the game who cares about other people, right?
I couldn't agree more. Also i couldn't be bothered to rewrite my opinion on this so i copied my reply from a previous thread. "The upkeep cost is pretty damn crazy. What with the blueprint scrap sink and now the extortionate base upkeep costs it's as though you guys want the playerbase to do nothing but grind resources. Anyone with a job or homelife is now penalised due to these changes. Only schoolkids and no lifers need apply. Thank fk we still have custom servers available. RIP rust official. Makes me wonder wether you even play your own game anymore......"   Tube to move to a custom server mate, the only way fp will recognise there is an issue is by staying away from official.
Addition. If your base raided, and cupboard has been cleaned - you base fully decay before you join on next day... New Decay system really ugly, waiting lowering online.
I play 1000+ hours and now uninstal this game,zero craft,zero build...GJ old rust is a better,this is sh*t....
Is there a difference between wood resource costs and stone costs? Just curious, because I made an L-shaped, 5 foundations total base and only put 989 wood in my TC, it said I had enough protection for 2 days and some change. I understand that the cost goes up with the size of the base and all, but that seems to be a pretty good chunk of time to not have to worry about decay with less than 1 full stack of wood in there. I feel what you're saying, I work at least 8 hours a day, if not more. I go to school two nights a week and I have a six year old daughter. From my point of view, people seem to be over-exaggerating the decay and the cost. Or maybe it's because I intended to make a smaller, more managable base size. Idk.
All me skins and money....Sell.........Fu facepunch
I only have One problem with the decay system. Raiders will destroy your TC, place their own while keeping it empty, then wall it of so you can't save your decaying base.
True.. But at the same time, they could wall it or take over the TC before, with the same outcome. Only you get to watch someone else use your base, instead of it decaying away. Lol
Make yourself something a slightly bit larger. Imagine you want to actually protect your loot, instead of making a shelter for the night where i could come along kick a wall in and take a dump on your bed without being a sweat. Now tell me people are over exaggerating.
I couldn't agree more, I also have a career and kids so I can't log in every day. A base small enough for the TC to hold a weeks worth of upkeep is so small that it can easily be raided. Basically this is pushing people like me who are not pro gamers out of the game. Is that the intent? No casual gamers allowed?
I have 3125 hours on Rust, but I admit that degradation blasms me ... On a server vanilla, I built on two floors very late, I finished at 4am, I reco the next day at 10 in the morning, I had only the foundation ... If it is not very quickly reviewed, it will pose serious problems
see screenshot in devblog, developers vant lot of 2x2 bases with 1 door.
Look, I fall exactly into this category personally. Kids, 60 he a week job with a 5 hour commute. The hour, sometimes two I get to sit down and play are the relaxing points of my day, so I feel you. The emotional response to large changes like this are important to get out there. It paints more of the "persona" picture for the Facepunch team to know who they're developing for. You may not care about these factors, but they certainly make me excited to see pop up on the official forums. They clearly read these threads and this type of information is always sought after. The upkeep release does seem brutal to our situations, where the limited time we have to play will be drastically shifted into farming/grinding to ensure the base is stocked to survive the next day or two. These types of changes often shift the game and can change your behavior -- maybe you now need to partner up and find someone to fill in the times you won't be on. This isn't such a bad thing is it? If it is, then you have other options as well. Look for a community or modded server that fits your needs. Just about every single time Facepunch releases a update, someone is working to reverse it -- whether through server settings or plugins. There are thousands of servers out there. I am 99.9% certain someone has a setup that addresses your personal interests. Give that a shot while you keep submitting feedback for change. Lots of drama bombs going off about uninstalling or quitting the play cycle -- this doesn't help the community at large. It abandons it. This game is a game of love and passion by the team and player base. Literally YEARS of alpha play, this is damn near unheard of. People will look back and write about Rust as a prime example, just wait for that. You don't want to abandon it. Nor attack people that respond emotionally to large changes. Not helpful. Wrapping up this rant, give it a chance to balance out. It requires time and testing. Don't leave. Adapt to the situation. That's really the spirit of survival in the first place. Was that not what drew you into the game?
testing on staging branch more than 18h? Pfffff Player base? It's 2x2x1 now!
I don't believe the staging branch's purpose is to be "the" testing grounds for this game. I would imagine it's intended as a location for development trains to stage and stabilize for the next release, in which actual stress testing and feedback can be gathered when released to everyone. I don't follow you on your player base comment. Clarify for a dense person?
We are trying to start up a server and have some new players. Even with decay set at 1/2 their bases have rotted out by morning. many of these folks were on until midnight last night. We have been reverse raiding and fixing everyones base all morning LOL. The decay and material cost is way to extreme atm.
Too expensive. 5x5 base requires 11k stone. Seriously?
GG "Feedback" about the new decay
Are you modded? Use no decay plug
I was excited to play this 2 week wipe, but with the upkeep I really won't last. I'm really hoping for a hotfix. Reducing the resource requirements by 75% or their current state would be much desired.
yup either they fix the numbers or take back the old decay timer instead and the resources inside the cupboard just helps if you're afk longer i guess? or at least set the timer on stone to 24 hours and wood 16
i got 4,500 hrs on rust i used to like this game so much until this update,now its pointless trying to build anything thats difficult to raid cuz of the resources required to be placed in tool cupboards is just ridiculous and even the idea of placing resources in a tool cupboard to slow the decay is so stupid why even consider putting that this mechanic in the game. Face punch need to reduce the resources required by at least 75% or even better to remove this decay feature completely.i will not be playing this game anymore until this feature is sorted out.
OK personally I like the "Idea" behind using the TC to store resources for the upkeep of the building, and it decaying if you don't maintain it properly, however I do agree the amounts of resources required are on the high side. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a stone quarry and wall it off, and even with this it is going to take quite a bit to maintain a 2 story 2 x 2 that has been fully honeycombed. Having said that, during the Rustafied live stream from their staging server they did say on several occasions this is the first incarnation of build system 3.0 and there were likely to be a considerable amount of tweaking with the amounts of resources required to maintain a base, they said that it was going to be released unbalanced, and will be balanced more over the coming days and weeks. So hang in there guys, I am sure it will get better soon.
My 2x2 is two floors, triangle foundations at each door, one of which has a hallway that curls around the side and up to the second floor.. Currently costs me around 3k stone to upkeep? Piece of cake. I have like 11k in my cupboard and I got a weeks worth of protection.. That isn't that bad at all. Very managable for me, so I don't see why people have to complain about the cost.. You want a 10x10? You should have to pay more to keep it up. That is a choice you have to make. Stay smaller, or be prepared to farm a whole lot more.
easy to raid base.
we play in offical sv 2*2 = need 4 rocket for raid =3k stone per day 3k stone Three thousand stone is expensive for small base (2*2)
So what? Again, thats a choice I make and a risk I take. I'm a solo player, so I'd laugh if someone came to satchel/c4/rocket my base.. They would be spending a lot of resources for jackshit in loot from me. Before a wipe, i barely ever have anything of worth. Only ever found low-tier guns, unless an AK or LR was given to me. As a solo player, I can't get end-game loot. Explosives/c4? I'll never have it, because I can't take down a heli or the bradly. With so much already stacked against solo players, I find it kind of nice that you people that like your large bases get penalizes for it, because most of the time you're playing with a group and you already have an advantage. I think its a fine balance.
Oh so everything is ok then. We should all play like this guy living in easily raidable shitshacks and never having anything of worth. Yeah, let's all do that. Lolz to the raider because all you ever have is a bow n arrow. Go you. You've never taken down a chopper or even dared to challenge Bradley. I doubt you have much experience building anything larger than a three floor 2x2. You simply haven't experienced the game. You're comments are worthless seeing as you are essentially a scrub. Go find yourself a primitive server, if they exist anymore, and leave the main game to those who know how to play. Btw.... Ten minutes without resources in a cupboard is about 25 points worth of degradation depending on material. Tested on private server.
I have indeed built better, bigger bases. And you're right, I haven't downed a Heli or Bradley because I'm SOLO. Good luck trying to solo either of them when the gear you need to do so is limited to solos. All I'm saying is, you want a bigger base, now you have to put more effort into maintaining it and spend less of your time killing nakeds and low-geared players like a real scrub. Boohoo. Cry me a river.
I think your comments are not really helpful or conducive of furthering the conversation or the game. to dismiss someones opinion and call them worthless just shows the world your limited mentality. I think your forgetting that not every player of rust is out there to run around in large groups, shooting everything in sight or raiding everything in sight. Trying to survive as a Solo player on an official server or vanilla server is quite a challenge, and some players are content in playing the game that way. To call someone a scrub just because they have not "Taken the Heli or Bradley" is just ridiculous, and to tell them to leave the commenting on the main game to those who know how to play just shows your ignorance. Its that sort of attitude that drives players away from servers, until your the only ones left there wondering why "this server has died" fool. I have over 3.5k hours in the game, I don't take the heli every chance I get, i don't take the Bradley every chance I get, I don't kill every single player I see on sight, there is far more to this game than you realise obviously. You need to learn now how to play the game with the restrictions placed on you by the latest update and stop whining about how much its going to cost to keep your base, use your brain and work out a way around it, ive managed it so its not that hard. Have fun, its nearly Christmas.
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