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I do not agree this is bad. It helps solo players a lot and making balance. I just made a base 2x2 with 2 floors plus triangle foundation all around it . And like 10 doors inside so count that walls in also . If you want to raid base you have 2 walls each side and i placed 4 furnance , all 3 workbench , a lot of storage room , campfires etc. Total of 4k woods , 22k stone , 700 metal sheet . To pay decay i need 3700 stone , 117 metal sheet and 17 woods . Base is big and can easily fit 4 people or even 5 inside . I dont see why would be a prob for lets say 3-5 people to pay 4k stone every day to decay . Its nothing . If you play alone lets say you make half base of this it will be like 1800 stone per day so its rly not that much .
I have. I play solo. Nuff said. Back in your box.
I totally agree, building a bigger base is now totally useless. Maybe rework on the "price" of materials you need or double the space of the TC. People that enjoys building are so screwed with this update...
I have no complaint about you having an opinion, or you expressing it. It just makes me laugh when someone like you believes you are actually superior to another person just because you play "a game" differently to them, and believe because they choose to play it a different way to you then they are doing something wrong, and rather than try to explain yourself (because you have such a wealth of knowledge on the subject) you feel the need to belittle them, but hey "its the internet" or "its rust what do you expect" and you get to sit behind your little screen and say exactly what you like, without any consequences. The poster merely commented that with his style of play he didn't find an issue with the update, but you chose to put the guy down for expressing his personal opinion on a subject, and even go as far to say his opinion counts for nothing, just because you didn't agree with it! The posters opinion was neither right or wrong, so it didn't need such a ludicrous comment as yours. And when you have no tolerance for opposing opinions to you, that makes you a what? hmmm there is a name for it, its on the tip of my tongue! I will not wind my neck in, I don't have a problem with the released update which we were told was unbalanced (not broken) and that would be addressed in the future, Oh and to be clear, I'm not whining at you expressing an opinion, i'm laughing at your mentality.
Easy solution is that the tc takes your resources when you submit them. It consumes the resources for a set amount of time and it can't be recovered. This also allows for people with large upkeeps not to be forced to be on every 8 hours to make sure they don't decay. For many having the resources isn't the issue putting them in the TC In time is i can easily grind 10-20k stone a day and as a group of 4 this is more than enough to upkeep the tc. However being all in the same timezone as students with college and work on most days how exactly are we supposed to be on every 9 or so hours it just promotes unhealthy sleeping habbits.
yes but apparently all the sheeps on reddit are solo players that just makes 1x1s-2x2s and their argument is b-b-bbut a 5x5 is cheap like bitch do you even use anything else than squares when you build? and more than 1 floor?
1/ i fell the decay cost is far to high. for the people that have 40+hr jobs to come home to grind 5-6k stone, which in some places can be a hard grind. 2/ i find this worse than the cost. If i was raided while i was offline and loose everything i WAS able to restart but still have a base. now you have given another reason for the Tc to be taken and if that is taken the base decays at a stupid rate. so then not only do you have to get online make a the base secure make a tc fill the tc then you have to to every wall and fix that too. its crazy. if you want it to go this way make the tc higher hp like 2000 hp. lower the decay and the cost
Sorry but I missed the part where I stated that I was superior to anybody.... Care to point that out? Ahhhh, you can't. No worries,. I'm sure you have your reasons for making that bit up. I was however pointing out that I had experience with the issue been discussed. Maybe you confused the two? I'm not the one wading in with the claim of over three thousand hours 😂 Congratulations. Does that mean you've accomplished anything? You may have 3k hours building pretty little roleplayer towns for all i know or care. If you haven't built a base larger than a shitshack then your comments are equally as invalid. That's the way it goes. I never mentioned the amount of time someone has in the game as a benchmark, only their experiences count. And as such this guy has none. So he was told to shush. Simple. Guess what? I have twenty thousand hours and I married the attack helicopter. And Bradley is my illegitimate love child with the dome. Anyone can make up bullshit in order to bolster an argument. I don't do that. So then my somewhat slow minded chimp-like friend, please do enlighten me as to how somebody who has no experience with larger bases or building in any other material than wood (as stated in previous threads) has any valid point to make regarding an issue with building upkeep and degradation?
i think that it should just be slightly modifed like half as bad as decay but not remove it because it lags the game having so many inactive bases..
Sounds like a good idea to me.
You did attack me in thst regard, saying I have no experience and assuming that I've only ever used wood. You also called me a scrub. So yes, you did try to make it seem like you are superior than I am. Your opinion isn't any more valid than mine, buddy. The difference is, I'm not crying like a little girl about the update. I have built bigger bases than a 2x2. My previous post was based on around two hours of play with 3.0, after starting the wipe cycle a couple hours late. The first base I built had six floors starting with a 5x5 footprint, four towers, mostly made of stone with some sheet metal throw at the foundation and lower walls. It was honey-combed, etc. I COULD have wall/door stacked, but I chose not to do so because I find it to be cheap. Just because I've chosen not to take the Heli or the Bradley, doesn't make my opinion invalid, just because YOU have. I could pull a small group together to do so, but again, I chose not to. I like my bases small. Larger the base, the higher chance to become a target of a raid, imo. I also like to avoid pvp (Though largely due to running on a potato with 25fps at most.) That doesn't mean I can't pvp, it doesn't mean I have no experience in it. It just means I prefer not to. Just because you play a certain way, doesn't mean I have to play the same way. Building 3.0 was just implemented. This is an alpha.. The costs are likely going to be tweaked anyways. As it is now, I have little issue with the costs myself. Frankly, the system as it is now doesn't hurt me. But I'm glad that I'll be able to survive of the river of tears flowing from your childish face. Tasty. Tasty.
Yeah they need to nerf the upkeep, but not too much for big structures though because I am in a quite a big clan and the upkeep is limiting us to build a much smaller base so making it possible for smaller groups to raid us which is quite balanced(Only the part where small groups can raid big clans) and challenging and fun for us.
Maybe you're imagining those tears because there are certainly none flowing, unless you're having an uncontrollable boo and not realising? 😂 Aaaannnyyywaaaayy. Remember saying these? "It's there a difference between wood resource cost and stone cost? Just curious because I just made an l shape 5 Foundation base" "From my point of view people seem to be exaggerating the decay and cost" You didn't even know wether there was a different cost in upkeep involved. You built a five Foundation wooden base and on this you were basing your assumption everything was ok. No mention of any experience with other base structures of any kind there old matey cunty bollocks. So, from this we can extrapolate that you had no experience with the building upkeep costs of larger bases built in anything other than wood at the time. Therefore you were judged quite rightly to be inexperienced in the matter. End of. What you've done since doesn't matter. It's what you yourself said at the time. I love how you are assuming that i assumed I was superior. Lots of assumptions there with nothing to back it up. Nop, Just highlighting your status as inexperienced scrub. "The costs are likely to be tweaked" I would hope so because atm they are ridiculous. So you yourself can obviously see that there is a problem that needs addressing otherwise you would not have stated otherwise. So why are you arguing? 😂 So in summary you build a shit shack from wood, were unfamiliar with upkeep costs of other resources other than wood, you don't care if you get raided because you never have anything worth taking because you build out of wood, you never have any decent weapons such as the AK etc, you've never taken Heli or bradley, and from this you expect me to believe you have experience ? Nah. You're just a scrub. Keep the replies coming though as they bump the thread each time!
I find it quite disconcerting that certain individuals are either compromising their morals and have begun taking up the ancient art of sycophancy or are merely trolling, purely on the basis that they are solo players who feel not only that "Restriction 3.0" is of no consequence to them but a boon. A boon which they are gleefully touting in the faces of those it DOES affect. Yes we know... you enjoy being raided in your tiny sheds of ineptitude but please.. don't massage Facepunch's ego over this update.. the rest of us are here to assure you.. it isn't a good thing.
Why do you dont search an server without decay? There also vanilla... Why you build an big base alone? Why you dont fill up the hole place with resources that you can be off longer time? ---
Why you not build big base? Ah. Because you no why. You no that update brokey. Update brokey for big base. That why you no build big base. Brokey update is brokey. You sit in small base cos brokey update. Now we no. And u no. All gud.
When was only components system i said, wow this game is really balanced, everyone can have a good base, last armor and ak, bolt,... . But after bp system everything become impossible. Every server is dominating by kid who have time, more time, not like others, and the thing is who have for the first ak, c4 on the server is to OP, no chance against this. And now they make this decay, for small bases it's ok, but for the big ones is sadly. I hope in one day that perfect balance will come.
That seems a bit harsh. I get the game has flaws but the devs are pretty great, I think they deserve some leniency. Plus 1000+ hours? Really that is a massive amount of time for one game, surely you enjoyed at least over 100 hours of it.
No longer can you build large bases Group base is dead GG pls feedback
What you guys fail to see is the fact that this is based on FP attempting to handle not only zergs but potentially land us into a no wipe situation. Building smaller bases means that they are more easily raided,which essentially means the community takes care of the entity's that stack and pile up on servers.
If it is trying to be a no wipe situation then why have upkeep lasting 9 hours? If you can't get on for 9 hours to upkeep you lose everything and start again forever on an existing server. A minimum upkeep in a no wipe scenario is around 5 days and then a slow decay for around a day not decay within an hour and a 9 hour upkeep?
I get the suspicion that this could be a path of anti-zerging; preventing large bases from becoming "un-raidable". Does anyone know if the costs are linear or exponential? I agree that the upkeep costs suck hard; I only get a chance to play every other week, but I strongly encourage everyone... Please remain civil and constructive! Facepunch develops the game we've all been playing. If you are rude an abusive, you are only limiting the likeliness they will listen to you.
wipeless rust sounds cancer
Ohh boy. If you want to have a 2x2 then go ahead, but you have to be aware that you are simply a loot pinata for not only large groups but everyone. A 2x2 is such an easy raid. Solo players get the short end of the stick with this new system. Plain and simple.
Why are you playing rust if you have a family..
"you may not enjoy games whilst having a family" ~ Jacobsclub
I agree, if what you are saying is true, I was under the impression that the cost of upkeep is exponential to size. For instance, if the X axis is size of base, and the Y axis is 1k of stone per day, this would be the graph of size/cost. Meaning a 2x2 is a manageable 2k, and a 8x8 would be an extreme 10k. If the cost is just a flat rate per building entity, though, then I completely agree with your points. I have no idea why they would make it so expensive if the cost is linear.
that is correct, you should play with your kids not some fat people that are bored(not everyone is fat just saying(dont get mad))
your logic is somewhat retarded but ok
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