• TC Unraidable ''offline mode'' idea.
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Hi, ive been playing since legacy so I know a lot about the game and its development and I recently had an idea, a major change it would be though. What if there would be an option on the TC that would enable OFFLINE mode? You could turn it on and off once every hour. Once its on it means the whole base is unraidable and anything attached to its radius would be impossible to use (doors, crates, etc). All players on TC would not even be able to gather ressources or use any items. This would make the game more streamer friendly or more friendly in general, it would counter offline raids. Wouldnt it be enjoyable for you to be able to continue playing where you left since it takes weeks to get every blueprints. Servers would also last longer of course. Note that it would not be possible to go in offline mode if someone hit your base or interact with it. I dont want the offline mode to be a response to someone raiding you. What do you guys think?
Nah, we need something to encourage offline raiding but this is too much
This concept would essentially change the entire scope of what Rust is all about
You know, it might not be a bad idea. Lets say if you were to go offline, the last player could activate offline mode on the TC. This then increases the upkeep percentage on the TC, but renders the blocks on your base 100% more damage resistant. Offline mode on your base also switches off all access to chests and benches and emits a 'hunger' radius around it which rapidly drains the food bar on online players. Offline mode can also not be activated within 10 minutes of your base being damaged. Any raiders who are in the area will also be affected by this, but can 'break' the chests around them to get the resources, instead of just opening it. Offline mode can be deactivated by anyone that reaches the TC, even if its code-locked.
This sounds like it could be an interesting mod for the game, however it's not very logical and lacks realism. I think Tool cupboards need to go, that too is taking realism out of the game. Still, well done for thinking of ways to improve Rust .
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