• Vehicle Issue
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Hey Facepunch, Do you think too that this vehicle issue has gone too far? I mean where the damn are they? Many friends stopped playing RUST. I've been pulling them back into the game but I think I am not gonna keep up with it any longer. I am fading away. I was your player. I was belong to RUST!!! Okay, suit yourself. It is damn your lose. Not mine. Oh wait, match is found. (Damn PUBG... Ruined everything.) See ya.
There are working on it. Games take time to develop into something special. I would rather have a horse than a vehicle tbh but they just sorted something to make stuff not glitch out all over the place on mounted objects so maybe we will atleast see them soonish.
I hope we'll see them. Thanks for the input. And sorry if I overreacted. I am just a heartbroken fella.
I don't think that 90% of you people really understand what actually goes into developing a video-game. Talkin' like THOUSANDS of lines of code, where one little typo can mess any and everything all up. These people are human beings as well. I can imagine they work 8-10 hours a day, possibly more if there is hot-fixing needed. It's also a small development team and I'm honestly impressed with their ability to work and patch on a weekly basis. So to Facepunch. You guys rock. Your work ethics are great. Don't let all these crybabies get you down, keep making your game great. Most of the time, you're hearing negative crap from the vocal minority.
Give me a break, dude! I would understand if you say they are a small team. But, talking about "oh they are humans bla bla" is some kind of diversion. I WANT VEHICLES! I showed my support by buying this game. I wouldn't have even posted this thread if I didn't believe in them. If I complain about something, that means I have big expectations from the other side. Stop showing me as a buzzkiller just because I shared my expectations. Do not test me. I'll raid you. See you in game. Love.
I'm supporting this game too? They will get to it when they get to it. It takes time. They are working on a lot of different systems. I'm sorry your little entitled ass can't handle the wait. Raid me if you want bruh, gl hf.
It would seem apparent then that you are truly unaware of how big the facepunch staff is. So for the record I will say it...."Facepunch is a SMALL team"
I am not advertising but if you choose to join my server (its BULGARIA/EUROPE) you can drive car with your friends. Its not sevrer where owner spawn cars for everyone Its server where you have to play and loot radtowns and its like event with auto rcon command there is chance to find car in airfield or the dome or in the oxms and drive the sedan. Enjoy You wil not see other servers with this feature i tink
Well, well... Look at him. I shared my thoughts so he called my ass entitled. How rude! I liked you at first. Now, I am not sure about this. , thanks for your valuable input. Just because Facepunch is a small team doesnt mean that I can not complain abot something. I mean, was I being disrespectful? No. I just complained. But, the players like , can not handle at it seems. I loved this game more than you ever did, bruh. thanks for the advise. But, those who posted above you, ruined my day. Now I am gonna watch something dispiritedly.
I don't dislike you or anything. But when you come on practically DEMANDING vehicles, like you're request MUST be filled to your liking, yes.. You're acting like having cars is OWED to you for supporting their game, imo. Just because you bought the game, doesn't mean you're entitled to having them the way you want, or when you want.. Pretty sure it is in the road-map. They will get to it when they get to it.. I think game stabilization and tweaking of current systems is a wee bit more important than vehicles atm. Not trying to ruffle your feathers, just saying that is the way you came off. You can't just demand and expect things from Facepunch, just because you spent $10-20 dollars..
I am sorry if it made you think that I was demanding. But, I wasn't. I was disappointed cuz of my friends' leavings. And Facepunch was at my aim. Okay, I'll wait for it. Cheers. Love. PS. I won't raid you.
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