• Decoy exploit
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Hello dev's! Thx 4 new decoy system! It's have nice exploit, allowing easy open 90% houses)
Decay. Yup. Just be observant.
After one day on a normal community server there are only foundations left everywhere.
I found some dudes base who has some random wood pieces around his stone base, so I hit the weak sides to half HP and I guess it tried to heal them up, but ran out of wood to maintain and his whole base decayed over like 3-4 hours lmao
Been playing since friday. I have been useing that 2x1 design I wanted to test. haven't been raided. gathered some unwanted attention from a nearby clan so I moved to the T3 zone. which I'm suprised is VERY empty. My base won't decay for another 10 days. Maybe The Devs should work on that task and acheivement system.... Pretty sure learning how to keep your base from decaying would save a lot of headache. Or don't. I enjoy looting collapsing Clan bases. :3
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