• My stand on building 3.0.. (It is the only positive thread on the site)
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It makes the game more realistic. The game takes no time to build a base and if you are going to say that you need to help yourself and leave to an easier game. The new system makes it so it doesn't randomly stay together forever and have no challenge whatsoever of keeping your base up besides raids. It also makes it so you need to be online more and support your "very worked on base" if you care about it so much. So take better care of it. It is now like your pet. You own it, you feed it. If you don't it dies.
Seriously? Irl, you do NOT need pay building material cost every 3-10d.
I don't remember the last time i had to feed my house a supply of bricks, metal and wood. Maybe things are different in the states..... Last time I checked the point of rust was pvp with an element of survival. I must have missed the title change to Rust: grind for hours a day to keep up with resource requirements simulator 1.0
I understand but to keep it up like we have a house with no support whatsoever
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