• Plummeting player populations due to TC update
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This TC upkeep update is bad. I created this forum account for the sole purpose to come here and tell you I really liked your game until you decided to tax players their time. Forcing players to grind absurd amounts of stone daily or all their progress is lost. This update is absolutely ridiculous. I don't see myself playing anymore on official servers because of the lack of forethought in these updates. I play on West 2 and it is a freaking ghost town by day 4, with decayed bases everywhere. I think you guys really shot yourselves in the feet on this one, but only time will tell.
It does seem that way doesn't it. People will simply just give it up as a bad job and leave official in favour of the old flavour of rust in old style vanilla servers. I have. No doubt many others will also. Makes me wonder if that's what fp intended.
Truly plummeting If you've stopped playing since the update, that means literally one other person has joined your exodus (using monthly average). You can say you don't like it, but honest discussion is always more useful than hyperbolic falsehoods. The dogpile on the TC upkeep rates is good, will force Facepunch to at least acknowledge a problem, but your thread title is ridiculous.
Is that a population graph for official servers alone or is it a general graph of people active in the game?
The server I play on caps at around 150 people and rarely goes below 100, it hasnt been below 90 at all. Player pop seems to have actually improved since the server cap was 100 earlier
The Statistical graph that Prost posted is a chart for concurrent players. That means total players across the board that have played on that particular month. You asked about movement charts showing the decline from Official to Community. That is a duped question. Community destroys any count over Official,any day. Official servers are not even a recommended go to anyway. They are laden with Hackers,Bugs and downtime. Of course the numbers are low. Rust Servers Monitoring | Rust That however shows a sharp decline in Official use but a dramatic increase to Community. So, with that said it would appear the numbers are just shifting rather than declining.
I have seen a jump in players this week on my no decay server. Chat logs even have mention of some players migration reasons, the upkeep being the recurring theme. One week of data isn't enough to change courseegardless.
I see more. Servers would go empty after the weekend now I see people more evenly through this week.
If this was OP's stance, then I agree, it doesn't show anything. I took the statements: Plummeting player populations due to TC update and you guys really shot yourselves in the feet to imply he meant Rust player populations falling, when he just specified he wouldn't be playing official anymore with: I don't see myself playing anymore on official servers Regardless, there is a difference between "large shift from official to community" and "plummeting player numbers." I consider conflating them to be hyperbole. If he only meant the latter, then I'd retract my point, but I won't make the assumption that was his intent. I guess I got clickbaited by his title.
Same justcreated this account because of the urgent need for facepunch to change this, the should do a hotfix right now!!! dont even wait 1 week, do it now Seriously i Love This Game, But what Drugs are you Smoking?
up keep costs really aren't that bad. I have a 2 story 2x2 with an armored door and a ladder hatch and it costs me ~980 stone ~200 wood ~90 frags ~3 hqm a day. thats like 2 stone, 3 metal nodes, and a tree a day. even if i made it 2 times bigger and and doubled the cost that still isn't that much.
player pop only inceases because players want to test out the new updates ...after they realise that they have turned into farmers tey will go back to their oter games till the next update
Next update?? If Rust leaves Early acces end of this month, the updates like we used to know will be gone, just accept it instead of crying everywhere.
That's the point
Many servers, all of mine included, have upkeep decay turned off. Populate them =).
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