• Idea / Feature for Building 3.0 / Cupboard
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Hi there, I came up with an idea with the new Cupboard system. It would be great if you could include a feature, that you could automatically upgrade your base from Twig / Wood to Stone / Metal or Armored with the cupboard and the stored mats. This also has the advantage that forgotten Twig parts between walls can be upgraded too. What is your opinion?
no, basically - you do not need max upgrade ALL your base. HQM door frame - useless, but HQM door have less HP.
but the idea is good, because if you honeycomb there is no way to upgrade the foundations that you have placed and cannot reach anymore.
That's right @ Klee! The idea was to update unreachable places too. This often happens during honeycombing, but also partly during cave construction. But I agree with Goldon Dragon too. My idea was to upgrade from Twig / Wood to Stone / Metal. HQM should be an option, but I think it would be rarely used.
Maybe make it slightly modular. Like have a list of the different block types with options to upgrade just those types to a specified material grade. So one could select "Foundations" and click to upgrade all of them to Armored, and then separately select "Walls" to upgrade them all to Sheet Metal. Overall I like the idea of a mass reinforce feature. I guess the pertinent question is, in what ways could it be abused that we have to worry about?
The new Cupboard System is not a good idea because it forces players who can not be glued to the computer hours and days to leave rust after paying it, have not you thought about us? Modify as soon as possible. Ps sorry for the bad english.
In the 4000 hours I play it never happened to me, just be carefull what you're doing, that was always the most important part of building and hopefully that will always be that way! I can also think about 1.000.000 things that can cover up dumb building failures and wrong strategy while playing, looting, and choosing max populated servers you can not hold on for 1 day without making you complain, but it won't take away the parts on your side that causing these problems for you. Solve one, and another problem will pop up. Rust finaly has come to a point that after 2 years of listening to much to the community what caused big ups and downs in populations of rust players, they finaly pulled that brake and focussed on the real important thing: Getting the game towards the finish and getting it out of early acces, instead of adding and adjusting 1000 things because the community is so devided and can not stop complaining. Rust finaly becomes a game unlike any other game, without features that is already in 10 other games! I understand the average age of rust users has going down significant since they removed the 18+ restriction, but that does not mean Rust has to change into a simple-to-play first person shooter like CSGO or something. It was always been clear that rust will be able of being modified, we all know now for more than 1-2 years that rust intention is to work towards monthly wipes. You can all complain about it, but the fact that they doing this tells me that only the minority is complaining like little autistic kids, the mayor part just keeps his mouth shut, still like this game (like me after 4000 hours) and if they don't like the update, they just going to play another game for a while. The Rust community has a realy bad name under gamers, a big part has to do with all the complains about almost every wipe. Even if I talk to a gamer that has not heard or seen much about rust, the first thing they will ask me is: "Rust, isn't that that game with little underaged screaming overhyped kids that thinks it's funny to kill everybody 100 times within 1 hour, but are going mad in chat if you kill or raid them? I think, after more than 3 years, many of you should stop play for at least 2 days, and think about how they use to act in rust, how much they like rust in the way they are going now with their updates, and if this is the game they still want to play and enjoy for 100%, or just hating it to much and should play another game. I know the most of you will not like what I say, and many will try to get a discussion out of this or will try to find things to make this post look weak, because that last thing is what toxic little kids do, but I'm just reacting in a decent way now, telling you guys that I'm getting pretty sick of it. Maybe I'm getting to old to play this game, I don't know, but I write this because my oppinion is if you want to make something better, there has to be a start, there has to be someone that says Enough. Have a nice evening!
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