• Imbalance between Doors/Walls + Possible Suggestion
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I can understand the changes made, but why are walls so strong when doors are so weak? It used to be that people would always go via the roof, or via your doors, but now people just only blow through doors. As a solo player, I keep my bases small, but while it takes 10 satchels per stone wall and 19-20 per sheet, that means a 2x2 with some triangle honeycombing takes ~30 to get through if one layer is stone and one is sheet. But I can have maybe 4 doors before I have to start cramping my base with extra ones, and I almost never find armored; - Actually, ever since the new BP's, I haven't built or found one armored door! So, I have a row of sheet doors that take a long time to get through and, frankly, look terrible, plus taking up space. I tried to substitute garage doors, but they're loud, clunky and terribly annoying to use. Its gotten to the point that I literally have a mini tunnel of doors leading to my front door, because even if I have 8 sheet metal doors, that's still only 24 satchels to get through. That's almost equal to blowing through one sheet wall! Seems like a silly thing to me. I need stronger doors, but I almost never get a T3 workbench, or enough scrap to learn an armored door, or even the armored door to learn! I've discovered the only way to make a base is to start with a 1x2 or a 2x2, and then "loop" walls around in a big spiral, with doors everywhere. It can take 8-10 doors just to get into my base, it isn't very fun. Idea: As a possible solution, maybe if a DOORFRAME is armored, any door inside of it is automatically 2x as strong? I have plenty of HQM saved up, and I wouldn't mind spending some on doorframes. I.E: Armored Doorframe + Sheet Metal Door = 500HP Door. That's still 1/2 the strength of a Sheet Wall, but it'd help! Armored Doors could be increased to 1,600HP, 400 less than the armored wall. I know that most everyone is going to hate this, but I'd love for something to be thought of. I'm sick of having rows upon rows of doors just to enter my base. Thanks for reading!
Simple - need more standart and double doors tier. we have 5 building tier, we need 5 basic door tier.
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