• Whens the end of large clans???
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Your loosing a large amount of your player base because of clans!! When are you guys going to realize this new system is not a good thing??
When the game has Rice Fields introduced where punji sticks can be hidden.
have you considered playing on a server limited to solos/duos/trios and to be fair some of those servers are pretty hot-on-it in banning people that exceed the limits
okay, clans not build clan houses. clans build clan towns now, it's 4-5x larger. nice try, FP.
This is not Facepunch fault that you can't join any clan and only scream like "omfg i cant play this game becus i luv to pley on offishels facepooch ur losing a lot of playas remove ur building three dot zero pleas". Try any community or modded duo/trio server. And also servers with old upkeep system exists, too.
Lots of Pro Tips to give out today! Stinky As you must be new to Multi Player Online Gaming I feel that one should give you advice on how to approach these kind of games. Understand that no matter how you feel or what game you play,you will never ever get rid of Zergs. It is simple arithmetic. Odd man teams will always favor the group with the larger numbers. It has always been that way and will continue to do so. Best advice to you, get over it or it will destroy any fun you have in gaming,period.
Its all games on all servers. Even on solo/duo/trios, the trios dominate the solos. Its kinda how life works. There's power in numbers.
With that last thing you point, players will have no items that are server bounden. If they do that in rust, there is no way to just play on 1 server and stay there. Rust wants to provide things that bounds players to servers. They don't want players to move all the time, because that causes dead servers, even on officials! Instead, rust should tweak the authorisations of things on the server, so server owners will get the same possibility by default to adjust the max groupsize. In this way you can enforce the groupsize without problems, and players that try to authorise on tc or traps that already have the max limit reached will not be able to authorise. 1 problem, 1 simple sollution rust does not want to implement by default ;)
Although my point was arguing against such a rediculous mechanic(Server transfer) I agree with everything you said.
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