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Maybe we should share some ideas on what could be added to the game for versatility. Ill start with one: Sheet Metal Riot Shield - How bad ass would it be to have a riot shield to protect you from the hail of gun fire coming your way? Maybe allow it so you could use a hand-gun or one-handed melee weapons with it? Might make bringing a melee weapon to a gun fight much more interesting.
diving fins to swim fast
shovel/spade echs dee minecraft
A Homing Wooden Spear. Lol. I'd love a Post-It Note that you can attach to buildings, corpses, places, etc, so player communication can be more wide-spread. Similar to how dark souls' ground messages work. Lets say they last 24 hours, you need animal fat as glue and a note to assemble. The way it should work is that when the player looks at the note it should show what the text is saying like when you point to an item it says the item name, for the note it could say "Note: Lol noob l2p" or "Note: Free cookies right this way"
duck something like that already entered. shield is a good idea. but in the game it will not be so important. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/57972/d4c1d3fb-6aae-4436-8d7b-c1a69a82e628/adg.png
Shields could still be viable, especially if they were tiered by material, like walls/doors. Wood shield could soften blows from early game melee weapons/bows.  Sheet Metal Riot Shield could further nullify damage from low tiered melee/ranged weapons, while offering some protection against tier 1/2 guns. Armored Riot Shield could help against Tier 3 weapons, etc. It could drop move speed similar to that of heavy plate armor. Just think, no longer would it just be able equipping an AK and spray down a group from a distance. If a team worked well together, a shield user could push and soak up gunfire, while allowing teammates to reposition for better shots. Should the shield wearer get ignore, he could then be close enough to smash a head or two with whatever he has equipped. If pistols/custom smg were allowed, they could be restricted to hip-firing.
I would love to see claymores. You could mod them like auto turrets and make them from a targeting computer and a block of C4. Then they could be used like a turret or shotgun trap or hidden in brush like land mines but make them proximity detonated. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/139320/81118e0e-1ca0-41bf-ba80-2e6cd8223908/image.png
Claymores would be sweet.
A generator. Would use low grade fuel to generate power for lamps, instead of using fuel directly on the lamp. The electricity would be available on all the area reserved by the cabinet. electricity could be also needed to power up gun turrets and the fridge. A gasifier -> Would turn charcoal into gas to power the generator.
motion detector audio alarm, or addon to spotlight.
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